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  1. Love for the #4

    I have been offered the number 4 pick in which I give up Kevin Love. Picks 1-3 are anticipated to be Doncic, Ayton, and JJJ. We only play 5 players a night, one at each position in our dynasty league so positions eligibility is important to consider. I anticipate Rondae and Olynyk getting PF (but we play in ESPN so who knows). Would you guys make this trade? If so, who would you take? I'm leaning towards these 3 in this order: Knox, Young, Carter Jr. Thanks in advance. PG: Teague (PG), IT (PG) SG: Buddy (SG), Tyreke (SG) SF: Giannis (PF, SF), Middleton (SF) RHJ (SF) PF: Love (PF, C) C: KAT (C), Olynyk (C), Whiteside (C)
  2. Definitely should ask for more. Giannis is a monster and still only 23. Jury is still out on Miles Bridges and even Doncic. Doncic may be better in real life than in fantasy. While I think he will be good, I'd want more for Giannis.
  3. Pick 2 players

    Harris and Gordon Teague is actually sneaky good in roto if you needed a third place. Batum may bounce back as well but there's more competition now on the wings with Lamb, Monk, and Bridges.
  4. Rate my team - Punt - FT & Assist

    Pretty decent roster. You should be really good in blocks and rebounds. FG% and 3s should be up there as well. Steals will be above average-after Oladipo, you don't have any real studs in that category. This team will be punting assists. You have a good FT% shooting team except for Whiteside and Howard. I may try to move one or both of those to make you dominant in that category. Best of luck as you transition into a category league!
  5. WHIR Pick only 5 to keep

    LeBron Kemba Beal Paul J Murray
  6. How the heck did you get all of those players in a 16 team dynasty?! You have 4-5 dominant shot blockers so I would go with Cedi. If Grant does not give consistent blocks, I'm not sure he has the overall game to make up for it. I would also drop Rivers.
  7. What Do I Do With This LOADED Team??

    I have never heard of a three sport fantasy league so not quite sure how to help you. See if you can trade Elfrid and Dwight for LeVeon??
  8. Luka Dončić 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Yeah, the college kids in America play in a league where they don’t even get paid! Those amateurs at Duke and Louisville don’t bring in enough revenue to be compensated. It’s anyone’s guess how Coach K can get his 7 figure salary. (I agree with your point Stefan, I’m just making a little joke about “amateurism”. I think Luka is going to be a stud).
  9. Isaiah Thomas 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I’m holding onto him in my dynasty league because I’m relatively thin at PG meaning I may have moved him for crumbs or simply dropped him if I had better options. As for this season, he’s playing for a coach that believes in him and helped IT gain relevance back in Sacramento. I think Malone is going to let him be the lead dog off the bench which can either be good or bad due to his high volume play style. I actually do believe he is healthy and could possibly post 15-18 PPG, 2-3 threes, and 5-6 assists. He won’t give you steals or rebs but where I find IT most helpful is his ability to get to the line and connect at a high volume. With Barton now in the starting lineup, IT can run the show and I think he would be worth your second or last pick this year if it makes sense for your team’s statistical makeup.
  10. I was offered Kent Bazemore for my Hezonja

    Personally, I’d take a chance with Hezonja. Bazemore’s stats shouldn’t make or break your team and his %s are great. Hezonja has a chance to expand from his surprising season last year, especially with Porzingis out.
  11. I also forgot about Milos Teodosic: 5.2 rebs, 0.9 assists, 0.9 TOs
  12. Buddy Hield 2018-2019 Outlook

    I really like Buddy's game. I especially like that he's giving more than just scoring and threes. He's improved his rebs, steals, and overall defense which usually correlates to more playing time (unless Joerger still gives him a short leash for whatever reason). The Kings are relatively shallow at the SG position so I can see Buddy's minutes going up. The real hurdle to Buddy starting is if Bogdan will start at SG or SF. I'm not quite sure Bogdan tall enough to guard other SFs but I would love to see Buddy start at SG and get most of the minutes there. I saw somewhere that Buddy had the highest point differential of all the Kings players when he was on the court. They need shooting and the Kings would be foolish not utilize Buddy's 43.1% three point percentage.
  13. Jerami Grant Season Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Thanks for your input. Maybe I was just going off the "hype" of ESPN's ridiculous projections for Grant. I am definitely higher on Anderson. (I also wanted to get a comparison question without going to the AC Forum haha).
  14. Jerami Grant Season Season Outlook 2018-2019

    I am interested in drafting Grant this year. What kind of lineups do you think will give him the best opportunity to be more than a streaming blocks option? Can the Thunder consistently play Adams, Grant, and Roberson together? That leaves PG13 as the only reliable shooter in that lineup, because we can rely on Westbrook to launch but not always make 3s. What does Grant offer in terms of upside to draft him over the likes of someone like Kyle Anderson?
  15. Kelly Olynyk Season Outlook 2018-2019

    The beauty about Olynyk's game is that he can play with both Whiteside and Bam due to his shooting and ability to find cutters/give handoffs to their guards at the top of the key. He is capped by Whiteside right now but I think that once he's gone, him and Bam give a nice combo of offense and defense for the Heat. I like Olynyk especially for the 3s and assists he can give from the C position. I have both Whiteside and Olynyk right now and hoping Whiteside gets moved so I can get another starting C.