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  1. Who do you think has the better dynasty upside between the two?
  2. I was a half game away from a bye in my H2H league. I lost in the first round of the playoffs with my core of Harden, Giannis, Towns, Buddy, Middleton, Conley, Sabonis, and Siakam. It didn't help that Harden was out one game and Towns missed the first games of his career. Good luck to you all the rest of the way!
  3. Will take one more game of being out for ESPN to give him the tag.
  4. I definitely think this team has talent. Pretty elite in stocks and boards. Seems like you should be pretty good with FG% as well. Your bigs (and Simmons) make up for LaVine and Booker pretty well in that category. Your team also seems to be good in assists, albeit coming from different positions. Are they any areas you feel that you need to improve/alter in accordance to your league/opponents?
  5. I feel like dropping Zubac for LeVert seems to be the play. You could wait and see how Jabari and Portis roles come to fruition in Washington but I don't think Zubac is consistent enough yet to be a huge fantasy threat.
  6. MRob. Only thing that Zubac has on him right now is FT% and MRob seems to be steadily improving.
  7. This guy is killing me in my H2H league right now.
  8. I'd do that if I were you. IDK why the other team would make that deal. That's essentially Tyus for Zubac and Rabb.
  9. Wow, Siakam really was the play tonight. Good grief!
  10. I'm not quite sure what to expect with IT. I made arrangements at PG in my dynasty league where I don't have to rely on him and anything that IT gives me is gravy. If he ends up irrelevant in fantasy hoops/NBA, he's an easy drop. I root for the guy and hope he finds a role somewhere, which may not be Denver next year.
  11. Thank you everyone. Your input is very helpful. I'll roll with my Fear the Deer lineup. Much appreciated.
  12. Does anyone's answer change that Kawhi is out of the lineup (and FVV)? He won't be guarding Ariza and Siakam should get more run, not that it will affect his FT%
  13. I like that deal if you ship Butler and Ibaka. Horford will still be a nice C and Mitchell Robinson's PT is only going to increase. Hield has been money and is a nice pair with Kemba to sure up your 3s.
  14. @GarbageTyme This is the first week of playoffs. We start our playoffs earlier to try and avoid shutdowns as much as possible. 9 days into our 15 day matchup, I'm up 80.7% (142/176) to 78.5% (84/107) on FTs. I'm currently down by 9 threes (79 to 88). I have a pretty comfortable lead in points, rebounds, assists, and steals and just need to win FT% or 3PM to win (I have essentially punted FG% and TOs for this matchup).