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  1. Brandon Knight 2018-19 Outlook

    I feel ya. I guess I was just thinking out loud (or via keyboard).
  2. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    Hopefully this is just a joke, but someone seems more stable to me who can openly admit that they have chemical imbalance going on in their brain versus someone who barricades themselves from their respective teams and doesn’t ever speak to the media.
  3. Brandon Knight 2018-19 Outlook

    Does Okobo take his starting spot sooner rather than later?
  4. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    Appreciate the input. As much as I want to get rid of Whiteside, everyone else has literally zero interest. I can’t even get him for Taurean/1.09 anymore. I most likely will have to ride him out, unfortunately. I do have Olynyk ready waiting in the wings.
  5. ESPN - Rookies

    Looks like ESPN is under going maintenance! (Insert “It’s happening” GIF)
  6. Trade Help: Giles vs. Robert Williams (WHIR)

    I agree with the sentiment that if you believe the team will be good and the pick won’t be in the top 15, I would stay put. I think Bagley and Giles can play together. WCS won’t be there forever. Same with ZBo.
  7. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    Well...the third team backed out so back to the original offer.
  8. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    There’s been a third team added to the deal. I would wind up with Bam, Prince, and the #9 for Whiteside. I’m extremely tempted, leaning towards yes.
  9. ESPN - Rookies

    No. If I recall correctly, they put them in relatively soon after the draft last year. They also seem to have removed the frequently asked question regarding this topic from their help page (while still being listed for other sports).
  10. Keepers and Draft Suggestion

    That’s true. So, assuming you’re in a head to head, I like to be at least proficient/elite in 5 categories in my 9-Cat league. Let’s take a look at what your stats will most likely look like with your keepers. FG%: elite FT% elite 3PM: average Rebs: elite/close to it Asts: elite Stls: elite Blks: elite TOs: poor Pts: elite/close to it After evaluating those categories, do you feel Randle would be the difference maker in TOs? Keep in mind that Randle committed 2.6 TOs/game on limited minutes and is more likely going to be given more opportunities in New Orleans which may be very similar to Russell’s TOs. It looks like you’re elite for sure in 5 cats and close to it in 2. Do you want to address your average cat of 3PM (but hurting TOs and FG%) or do try to bolster your Rebs (but risk being not as good at Stls and FT%). Ultimately, it’s up to you on which strategy you want to implement, in terms of a sort of “punt” or if you want to give yourself a chance to win any given category. Hope this helps you map out your team! Best of luck this season.
  11. Keepers and Draft Suggestion

    You got a nice squad, which is funny because a guy in my league has AD, Jokic, Wall, and Holiday. AD, Jokic, Wall, and Holiday give you a nice shot blocking team so you could be okay with Randle and his lack of stocks but I would go with Russell. I think Randle is a really good player in real life but his lack of stocks,low FT%, and lack of threes keeps him from being an elite fantasy performer. Russell has had his issues as well with injuries, poor attitude, and low efficiency but he has potential to be a James Harden-lite. The Nets are being relatively patient with him. He has a much higher ceiling than Randle IMO. In terms of what stats/categories to focus on, what are your league settings?
  12. Tyreke Evans 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I agree that he may start on the bench, but Tyreke has shown that he’s better than Collison and since he can shoot near 40% from 3, can afford to play Bojan a little less.
  13. Now that Tyreke has officially signed with the Pacers, how do we think he will do? Will he come off the bench? Start at PG? Start at SF? It should be fun watching him and Oladipo play together.
  14. Kevin Love 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Top 20 could potentially be a safe estimate. He could be top 15/fringe first rounder I think if he gets high usage. It’s too bad he’s about to be 30 as the stretch 4s/5s are becoming so valuable in today’s NBA. Cleveland is saying they’re keeping him but I would guess they’re saying that to try to improve his trade value. I think he’ll have plenty of suitors but maybe a deal doesn’t happen until halfway through the season.
  15. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    I appreciate your input. I won the championship this season so I’m not desperate to rebuild but I would like to get some young talent in a secure role as I have Whiteside, IT, and Tyreke (and who knows where Love will end up with LeBron in LA). I’ll probably just be patient and see how free agency pans out.