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  1. Update: I may be able to swap Sabonis for Mikal. I know he’s low volume but I wish his FG% was higher. Love his steals. I’m kind of a punt TOs team but Mikal is a nice 9-cat player.
  2. Already tried for those two as well. Might just be a carousel for me at backup SF this year. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and input. Good luck this year!
  3. I like him but I'm contending and don't want to rely on a rookie. Just to make sure we're clear on which Bridges, I want Miles (not Mikal) haha. I already tried for Tobias. Haven't yet tried for Gordon. Could be a possibility but Gordon is currently PF only in ESPN. The guy who has Oubre will never give him up, especially because he has Turner and doesn't want to Pacer big men.
  4. He let me down bad last year and Batum just had this news on Rotoworld: "Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak said the team is transitioning "from a team built around a superstar to a team built around our young players." Head coach James Borrego was clear that he intends to play young guys this season, adding, "I’m not going to coach a team based on contracts." That seems like a clear message to Nicolas Batum, who will earn a team-high $25.6 million this season, as well as veterans Bismack Biyombo ($17M) and Marvin Williams ($15M). With lots of young talent behind them on a rebuilding team, it's best to avoid Charlotte's older guys on draft day."
  5. Almost was able to swap Sabonis for Bridges but owner backed out last minute.
  6. SFs on the wire: Thad Young, Bojan (but I can't play him and Ingles together), Batum, PJ Tucker, Kyle Anderson, Josh Jackson, Norm Powell, Rodions Kurucs, Derrick Jones Jr. 12-team league with 15 roster spots and 2 IR slots.
  7. Funny you say that, I've tried for both to no avail.
  8. @benjwils @bkw77 Thank you all for the responses! It will be interesting to see how Sabonis and Turner play together in the starting lineup. I will try to tweak the offer or look for somebody else. SF position is just so thin.
  9. You two make great points. Thing is that I'm very thin at SF. When the Bucks don't play, I got Joe Ingles and that's it haha. Is there any chance that Kuzma's role can increase as LeBron ages and can he eventually become a "Tobias Harris-like" player?
  10. What do you guys think? I would give my Sabonis for his Kuzma (and three 2nd round picks, which don’t mean much but are nice trade sweeteners) in H2H 9-Cat dynasty. I need SF but will Kuzma ever be more than just a scorer? And can he do it efficiently? Thanks in advance.
  11. I like the trade. Side note is that Otto Porter's value is slightly reduced in 8-cat.
  12. Rather draft Towns at tight end.
  13. We’re actually expanding to 15 roster slots this year but yeah, I’m definitely in more of win now mode. Thanks for your input.
  14. So, the deal in question is Hield and Siakam for John Collins, Jarrett Allen, and the #4 pick this year. I feel like the #4 is a crapshoot and don't trust guys like Garland, Reddish, Clarke, etc. to produce within the next few years. I don't really need another center, either.