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  1. I am looking for a Dynasty Start Up that will run through MFL. Buy in between $25-$75 a year would be great, but willing to listen if it's the right league. Ideally looking for a PPR with a couple flex spots or even a superflex. Open to options. Reply here with what you have available. Thanks
  2. I'm interested. Will the system have 3 copies of each player during the draft or it will be our responsibility to keep track of which players are still available?
  3. It doesn't really matter. Same different either way. All the same league and fun competition.
  4. I'm interested. zgaleota@gmail.com Also, might have one more. I'll send his email once I hear back. Thanks
  5. Which team is open? I'm interested but want to review the team / available funds etc first. I'll make it quick because I know the auction is in progress. Thanks
  6. Emailed you about the openings. Also, I have someone else interested if you still need 2. Let me know. Thanks
  7. I am interested. Email me at zgaleota@gmail.com and I will get back to you quickly. I have a couple questions to clarify a few things before I fully commit, but I'm 99% in right now. Thanks, Zak
  8. I joined Team Name: Hotel-Odell-Holiday-Inn Logo: Anything Steelers or Black and Gold related (Terrible Towel, something like that) I'll pay via leaguesafe once I get the link Thanks
  9. I'm interested. zgaleota@gmail.com Has the draft order been set yet? Thanks
  10. No thanks. Big Steelers fan so was going to take on another team because they were available. Thanks though. Good luck.