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  1. I think it’s a 50-50 but think the Bears on current form are the right choice.
  2. Fire up the muscle Hamster this week vs the Bengals. They give up the most fantasy points to RBs this season.
  3. Chicago Would prefer Broncos or Seahawks though if either are on waivers.
  4. Can’t argue with Myers’ form, but I think Gostkowski will put up a good score this week. Good luck!
  5. Would play Hill, Juju and Woods. For your RB2, I would play Jackson if both Ekeler and Gordon are out, otherwise Cohen.
  6. Henry, could be the start of something big.
  7. Saints are supposed to be good vs TEs but gave up two TDs to Brate last week. Cam has a bung shoulder and will probably opt for easy throws to Ian Thomas. My vote is for Thomas.
  8. Rivers 100%. Cam is gimpy and KC give up a lot of fantasy points to opposing QBs.
  9. Need to start one WR and one FLEX from these four guys (standard scoring): - Josh Gordon vs PIT - Doug Martin vs CIN - Spencer Ware vs LAC - TY Hilton vs DAL Leaning towards T.Y. and the muscle hamster. WHIR
  10. Thoughts on his chances of a decent score against the Ravens? Seems like they’re a middling DST against tight ends. Connection with Winston is undeniable.
  11. Well the last page of this thread was absolutely riveting reading..... Changing the subject, who has a prediction for Fournette this week vs Washington? This season they rank ~15th in fantasy points allowed to RBs. Round 14, they got creamed to the tune of 200 scrimmage yards and a TD to Saquon. Round 13, they gave up around 5ypc and a TD to the Eagles RBs. Round 12, they gave up around 140 scrimmage yards and a TD to Zeke, at around 5ypc. Round 11, they gave up 130 yards on the ground to Miller/Blue at 4.6ypc. Round 10, they kept Peyton Barber to 61 yards on 13 carries, but Fitzpatrick threw for 400 yards. Based on the above, the Redskins don’t seem to be an imposing matchup and surely the Jags don’t want Kessler throwing too much. My prediction is for ~100 yards and a TD from Fournette - 16 points in standard.