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  1. New York Jets 2019 Outlook

    Unfortunately, it seems I get to post the same gif twice about the Jets outlook (it worked last year too).
  2. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Are you talking about us 2016 $72 M contract or his current $880.000/yr contract?
  3. New York Jets 2018 Outlook

    Holy cr@p Smith is annoying. He seems to think that if he shouts loud enough, we'll forget about his triple whammy brainfart recently.
  4. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Knock yourself out @elroypedro, you had a ranking in the Derrius Guice thread that made sense to me: I'd like to add Cohen, Carson and White there somehow in tier 3 or 4.
  5. Based on a discussion in the Ezekiel Elliott thread, I did some number crunching on the top-5 RBs; I consider the main candidates to be CMC, Zeke, Saquon, Gurley and Kamara (in no particular order). So let's compare career numbers for CMC, Zeke, Saquon, Gurley and Kamara. Years Games games/year touch/game yd/game rec/game TD/game Fmb/gm CMC 2 32 16.0 16.3 95.3 7.4 0.6 0.2 Zeke 3 40 13.3 25.1 131.2 4.3 0.9 0.3 Saquon 1 16 16.0 22.0 126.8 7.6 0.9 0.0 Gurley 4 58 14.5 21.2 110.9 4.3 1.0 0.2 Kamara 2 31 15.5 15.4 101.5 6.6 1.0 0.1 CMC: had an insane year in 2018, but that's a one year sample. If you take both 2017 and 2018, he ranks the lowest of these 5, but of course we expect 2019 to be more like 2018. Very durable so far Zeke: highest yards, also highest touches per game. That could lead to durability issues in due time. Maybe less interesting in high PPR formats. Saquon: fantastic year, high yards, high receptions, high TDs, but just a one season sample (where he was the entire NYG offense) Gurley: longest career (but still young), High TD average, again fewer receptions for PPR formats. Had a recent knee issue, which always scares me. Kamara: Good numbers, despite not having had a 300+ touch season so far. Could go even further with Ingram either gone or in a more limited role. So the fact is, it'll be really interesting to separate these 5, and I'm looking forward to your rankings. State your format (Std, .5 PPR or PPR), and rank these studs, or add a name you consider also relevant in the discussion.
  6. Ezekiel Elliott 2019 Outlook

    Yeah, fair enough. It's slightly outside the current discussion though, so I'll create a new thread for that.
  7. Pats/Chiefs

    Yeah, fully agree. Two great coaches, two great QBs, lots of firepower on offense and creativity on D, this should be a fantastic game to watch. I hope, anyway.
  8. Drafted in 2018 around the #10-12 spot (depending on format), delivered around #6, on only 11 games until week 16. In fact, only Gurley and CMC had a higher ppg in .5 PPR. Year Age G Touch YScm RRTD 2015 22 14 217 833 0 2016 23 13 295 1416 12 2017 24 16 342 1581 12 2018 25 12 225 1375 14 Career avg 13.8 270 1301 9.5 The good numbers are lots of yards and lots of TDs, as the Chargers become a more coherent team. The bad numbers, clearly, is that Gordon only managed a full season once; especially December is a problem for him. - in 2018 he missed week 13-15 - in 2017 he didn't miss a single game - in 2016 he missed week 14-17 - in 2015 he missed week 15-17. This then, is a guy who will easily carry you to the play-offs, but in the final weeks you better have a plan B available. Based on his points per game, he could be considered with the likes of Zeke, CMC, Barkley and Gurley. Due to his injury history, I think you should get him at a discount. If he is available around the #10 mark again, I think this is a very interesting decision, and one where different owners will take very different decisions. Let the controversy begin: DND or STUD?
  9. Elliott: - #2 RB in 2016 - #12 in 2017 on only 9 games (#3 over the first 9 weeks) - #5 in 2018. Over the past three seasons, Zeke has 101 yd rushing per game (on 21 carries), and then he adds 30 yd receiving per game. In total, he also has close to 1 TD per game (.85). Those numbers are insane, and having a healthy and non-suspended Elliott in your team is a very strong advantage. Each year he had only 1 game with less than 80 yards total, which is absolutely insane. Clearly, this is a top-tier RB for everyone; the only RBs you can consider taking over him are CMC and Saquon.
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    No better way to motivate Brady and Belichick than to defeat them. Honestly, I think KC has the upper hand. Just never think Belichick is done before the fat lady whistles. Oh, and of course there's this:
  11. Sony Michel 2019 Outlook

    Not really. He was up and down without Burk, and with Burk. Burkhead didn't really play a role this season except the first game (with Michel out).
  12. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    I understand he was dismissed for "multiple team rule violations", probably drug related? That was in 2013, and since then I don't think there was any concern. However, since then between 2014 and 2018 he had less than 300 touches in total. Don't tell me all that was still over a couple joints in College?
  13. Pats/Chiefs

    Mahomes was in high school and college in places where December was still average 55-60 F. Brady has 28 games under his belt with the temperature under 30 (and won 24). Not saying it's the most important factor in the game, but you bet Brady knows how to manage a cold weather game.
  14. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Already that's hard to do unless you want to spend three picks on that, and I expect it to be harder in a couple months. Honest question: who would you cuff him with?