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  1. Yes it does.
  2. This is one of the most comprehensive pieces I've seen on this topic. TL;DR: no it's not.
  3. They're paying Mariota more than a million a game to suck. For that money, I think they want to make sure he really really sucks before he becomes an expensive clipboard holder.
  4. I checked that before, and I found no evidence that small receivers have more injuries than big ones.
  5. He was marked out shortly after that. Yahoo also picked up on that.
  6. I would be very careful in drawing such conclusions from pre-season games. Each drive has different personel, if Rosen was the #2 QB he might have faced backup secondaries or even guys that are even cut now, etc. I mean, Miami won 3 of the pre-season games, one of them with 34-27 against the Falcons. You might almost draw the conclusion that they do not suck.
  7. He had a 137 QBR, 2 TD vs 0 INT, 12.8 yd/attempt - even Brees didn't reach to that level consistently in his best years. On the other hand, Jones did that on 34 attempts, so basically one game. Most top QBs have had one game where they had 80%+ completion and 140+ QBR. Even Geno Smith did it twice on your Jets no less). I reserve to hold my opinion until we've seen him a couple games. I wish him all the best of course, except this week How conflicted are you playing the Giants star, and having to hope he does well?
  8. If only for the fact that losing is pretty soul-destroying; but when you have 2 leagues, generally you will at least win one of two. It really helps. Of course losing both matchups is now even worse, but generally that shouldn't happen too often if you pay some attention.
  9. You're not very wrong, although Thursday games are rarely in London. Tm Year Date .............Opp Day Result TEN 2014 18/12/2014 @ JAX Thu L 13-21 TEN 2015 19/11/2015 @ JAX Thu L 13-19 TEN 2016 27/10/2016 JAX Thu W 36-22 TEN 2018 06/12/2018 JAX Thu W 30-9
  10. DJ Chark do do do do I played him, but I will totally regret not playing Minshew. That guy is just plain awesome.