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  1. I really like the idea of the dark mode, but when I installed it on Chrome, there's still so much white and black that my eye is constantly drawn to the wrong parts of the page, and it's a bit distracting in the end. I'll come back to check later to see if you have further updates. Both your and @tonycpsu thanks for your efforts, it's appreciated. But I'll echo those before me: if you need this, something is badly wrong. As an IT guy I'm well aware that often people just need some time to adapt to a new style, and they will complain any time they have to get used to a new look - I'm no exception. On the other hand, that doesn't mean everything will be just fine, and I think there are very reasonable gripes with the design (I detest the top banner), but for now I think tony nailed it with fixing the color and width. Cheers, amigo.
  2. Yeah I'm old, but I'll never forget those lyrics. I'm a sucker for self-deprecating humor.
  3. Peaches come from a can, They were put there by a man In a factory downtown If I had my little way, I'd eat peaches every day Sun-soakin' bulges in the shade
  4. As a Brady fan, I have to say: - Peyton is a first ballot HoF - Peyton is the only QB to win Superbowls with multiple teams - Peyton has the funniest commercials (possibly of any athlete), and it isn't close. Also, I would like to categorically state that I prefer apples over pears, and nobody will change my mind.
  5. Yes, a couple seasons were near the bottom, most notably with some lesser QBs; and with Wilson in the early years. However, with Favre, not so much (of course, Favre didn't really listen a lot to coaches, so there's that). You can also see that in more recent years, the Seahawks turned more to Wilson.
  6. Actually, that would make for a really fun OT, if they would just put both team's Offense and Defense on the field at the same time Seriously, I have to say the OT rules in the NFL s#ck. The advantage to who gets to go first is just too large. Maybe a soccer style OT could work, so first play a full quarter, then kick field goals (from further and further out)?
  7. I know how misleading stats can be, but this is something I had to research with stats. I looked at the last three coaching stints of Bevell. In each case I compared the yards during his tenure with the 3 years before and after. - 2003-2005 QB coach @ GB: Favre before and after Bevell: 3817 yd/season; during Bevell 3777. I'm going to call that even. - 2006-2010 OC @ Vikings: all passers (and they had many) before and after Bevell: 3701; during Bevell 3457. I'll give you that one. That was a very weird situation in Minny though with them going from Daunte Caulpepper (before Bevell) to Brad Johnson via Tarvaris Jackson to Brett Favre. - 2011-2017 OC @ Seahawks: That was 6 straight years of Russ Wilson, but he started with Tarvaris Jackson again, and you can see the rise of Wilson in the yardage: The score: 3397 yds/season without Bevell, 3734 with him. So... Based on the stats, I wouldn't say terrible for the passing game (*). (*) I have no bone in this fight, I was just interested if I could find facts to support your statement.
  8. I find it's generally the team who's up by some score at the end, but that's just my weird theory.
  9. Gurley is a top-5 back, and has proved it for 4 straight years. We're not discussing him, but a guy on a team who was RB7 for half a season. But ok, I'll I admit my "fourth round" was too low.