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  1. Nelson Agholor 2018 Season Outlook

    He's a #100+ pick who improved year over year, and performed well in the playoffs. He had 768/8 TD and a catch rate of 65%, which he improved on in the playoffs. I think he's a steal if you can get that in the 8th/9th round.
  2. Dynasty roster help. WHIR

    Can you show the entire taxi squad? Njoku needs a bit of work before he's a top TE, although Cleveland is definitely a promising offense this year (I can't believe I just typed that).
  3. Trading for 1.01 (WHIR!)

    I like that option a lot better.
  4. Jordy Nelson 2018 Season Outlook

    This sounds exactly like the thinking that got Eric Decker another season. Yes, sometimes veterans suddenly have one last great season. But the truth is, usually they don't. Usually, if you can see them go down, they go down further. As a late round flyer (round 12), sure. Right now he is around #100, which may already be optimistic if I can also get Marquise Goodwin or Aaron Jones at the same price.
  5. What do you think about #1 pick this year?

    How fast did you bump that? Gurley is a relatively easy click unless something changes considerably during the pre-season games. I keep my mind open. Given that you already have a RB, I think you want to get a WR/RB ideally, but that fully depends on what the rest has been doing. Is everybody picking RBs and they left some tasty WRs on the board, then that's where the value is. One thing to consider top of the 3rd round is whether Kelce/Gronk are still available. Not everyone agrees with this but if you can combine either of these 2 guys with a top WR, that is very much an option to me. Make a cheat sheet, do mock drafts, and see how you like your team best. And always keep an eye on where the value is, which can sometimes be surprising.
  6. Dynasty Team is terrible but is have the #2 pick

    No it's not. You're solid at RB, ok at WR (get rid of Jordy Nelson) and QB nobody knows. You can trade it for a top WR or possibly a top QB, which is what you need. You got a reject button Good luck, and don't knock your team down that much. I see options, definitely.
  7. Keeper - Diggs or Henry

    I think both are solid. They have similar ADP, well above the 58th pick; Diggs a bit higher but Henry has potential upside as a solid RB1. Given that you play .5 PPR I think I keep Diggs as Henry won't be involved in the passing game much as long as Dion is healthy. Diggs for me.
  8. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    (Sticking up a big thumb) You got me there. I was speaking from a purely theoretical point of view, taking into account the idea that the variation on the actual value is probably at least 50% of the valuation. But if you feel sure the first 6 players are pretty much the same value, then #6 is probably the best position.
  9. Bell at 1.12 is good. Fournette at 3.12 is fantastic. Keep Fournette and you'll surely get something good at 1.12. If you keep Bell, you'll have to see what you can get at 3.12. And congrats on the title last year I guess
  10. Trading for 1.01 (WHIR!)

    I think you are giving up a lot. Yes, 1.01 is Barkley but you give up probably Penny plus DJ Moore, right? AND Adams? (I don't really count Olsen) That's a lot, too much for me. As a side note, I'm not sure about Hyde as a keeper. I'd make the case for Aaron Jones there.
  11. I like like Guice over McCoy, even if he is unproven. I much prefer Fuller over Edelman though. I think that might give up too much. The trade would be better if you can give Funchess.

    I'm not very high on Freeman; I think his style invites more injuries than most (concussions) and I have him a bit lower than his ADP, so I think the Baldwin trade is very reasonable. Btw in response to your username I say Thyra13
  13. Dude, that is a ruin that makes Pompeii look good. You're going to have some fun turning that into a proper team I'm sure - and when you do, it'll be very satisfying. I like what Ddam is saying; go for the instant RB rookies and one QB so you can at least have a season. Who is in the taxi squad, anything worthwhile?
  14. What, in Dynasty for a player who is one mistake away from never playing again? Josh is an amazing talent, and personally I say let the kid smoke a bit, but that's not going to happen. One spliff at a party, one friend smoking next to him, one random act of sillyness or stupidity and it's bye bye 2nd, 3rd and 6th draft picks. You seem to be willing to overpay a lot for players you don't need. That should make you very popular in your league but not sure that's going to get you titles. My honest opinion: only trade for a WR stud (top5). If you can't get that, invest time in getting the draft right, and build your team for the long run. Good luck man.
  15. Flash Gordon? Or Melvin? Melvin is an RB so I assume no. But Josh is a much bigger risk than TY and you need a safe option.