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  1. I think it’s beeb mentioned a few times in here but AJ never had turf toe, it was misdiagnosed.
  2. He’s shown up in Matthew berry’s Hate column and a lot of people have been saying he’s a fade. While the Rams secondary is legit, I don’t have the luxury of benching him and I also believe that since he operates out of the slot and has an elite WR in Big Mike that he can pop vs anyone.
  3. Phew! I’m not benching this stud even in a tough match up.
  4. Thanks man. I was dying to do that Ingram trade but he backed out last second. I was slightly tempted with Sony as I still believe he can turn it around, plus I scooped up Burkehead so if/when Rex goes down I have a big piece of that backfield. My depth is great but having lots of points on the bench isn’t winning me any weeks.
  5. I think a more advantageous script is a shoot out or a game where they are trailing at times. We’ll see though, there is no doubt if Shady is healthy he’s going to go be 1A, but I don’t think they want to give him more then 16-18 touches which leaves plenty for Darrel.
  6. Im super stoked on him but that’s absurd dude. He’s no where near the talent Kareem is, and he's not even the starter.
  7. I think everyone who is looking at it from a games missed standpoint is missing the bigger picture. If he comes back let’s say after 2 weeks and he’s not fully healed, not only could he aggravate the injury but it’s the type of injury where he could play a couple snaps and not feel right. My first hope is this is not turf toe, if it is turf toe hopefully it’s the least severe variety, if it the worst case scenario and he could opt for surgery or try gutting it out, I would hope the team keeps him off the field and ensures he’s as close to 100% before putting him back out there. I would much rather see him miss 6 games and get him back full strength then have him miss 2 weeks and risk getting shut down for the year.
  8. I know you’re catching a lot of flack but I don’t think this is crazy at all. People don’t realize the severity of turf toe because players don’t usually miss big chunks of time but it’s one of the worst injuries right out there, especially for a WR.
  9. Yep, while it appears minor in nature and most players don’t end up missing a significant amount of games, it can be absolutely disastrous. I don’t want to jump the gun but if he has a severe case I am very concerned right now and would look to see if someone would be willing to give 75-85 cents on the dollar.
  10. Proceed with caution. I’m not a doctor but turf toe can be a career killer in that it lingers with guys forever.
  11. Turf toe lingers and unfortunately can hamper a players entire career. It’s one of the scariest injuries as it never really fully heals and a lot of guys deal with it until they retire but it saps a lot of your explosiveness and sadly every time I’ve seen a WR with a case of it he’s never looked the same after.
  12. The real worry or concern for me is not necessarily him missing a game or two - I can live with that, is this nagging him all year and is sapping some of his effectiveness. I’ve seen this hamper players entire careers.
  13. I’m a huge fan of this guy but am in a jam with him. I play in a .5 ppr league where we start 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, and one flex (WR/RB/TE). I own Kelce. I’ve been flexing Waller the past 2 weeks but I have a very deep team with Melvin Gordon, AJ Green, and Golden Tate all on my bench. I’ve been aggressively shopping Waller and had a few people inquire about him but haven’t gotten a great offer, im really curious what type of offers or value I should expect in return. I got offered Sony straight up but haven’t been able to talk myself into it, was close to packaging him with AJ for Ingram but owner got cold feet. I’m not going to be able to flex him after this weekend. I believe so strongly in Waller I’m strongly considering moving Kelce but if I go that route I want to wait until he has a signature 2/3 TD game. Have any of you guys shopped him or recently acquired him have some insight?
  14. There was a while there where turf toe was a career ending injury in some cases. One of the very last/worst injuries you’d want to see a guy have, especially a WR, it can be a death sentence. This was also 10-15 years ago and obviously teams and doctors are far more advanced for dealing with injuries. My only hope is that he doesn’t try and gut it out and risk aggravating it further and takes the time to rest. Last thing we want is for this to linger all year.