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  1. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t shake Eric Reid on that one redzone carry.
  2. I’d play blackjack, poker, or roulette if this was a gambling problem. I just love FF, specifically drafting, and am fortunate that Im in a position where I can dedicate a lot of time to it.
  3. He’s had those games before at least. Say what you will but I’m encouraged that he hasn’t had a big game or scored for 3 weeks, as a player of his caliber simply is just going to have a monster game/stat line. I know there is no data that supports this but I’m sure anyone who has played fantasy football for long enough would acknowledge he’s “due”.
  4. I played in 25 leagues. I was/am alive in 12. I had multiple 10-12 win teams that were first in points/record by significant margins that have completely collapsed due to injuries/under performance/etc..pretty frustrating. I had 3 different teams where I had Mahomes/Gurley/Tyreek #1 QB/RB/WR and somehow I’ve been eliminated in all 3 (12 team leagues too). I had multiple teams with Gordon/Barkley that were dominant as well that have all been eliminated. I have 5 big sweats heading into MNF. My first big sweat is in full PPR I am winning 124.12 to 113.38 with Ian Thomas and he has NO DEF and Ingram. Not feeling very confident about this one. Hoping Ian Thomas pops off. This league I have Gurley, Barkley, Lindsay, OBJ, Golladay, Boyd..I finished with a 11-2 record and first in points by 300. I’m up 105.3 to 85.9 with my Ian Thomas versus his CMAC & Samuel in full PPR. I’m projected to lose by 5, but out of all my matchups that are close I’m probably least confident about this one. If Thomas managed to score a TD on the first drive or something I’ll send the first person to like this post $20. Sweat #3 is I’m losing 107.6 to 118.5 in full PPR and I have Kamara. Feeling pretty good here although hardly confident. Sweat #4 is I’m trailing 106.5 to 113.4 also full PPR and I have Kamara. If somehow I lost this league and the one listed above I’d probably retire from FF. Sweat #5 I’m leading 101.6 to 42.1 - I have NO DEF and Ian Thomas and he has Brees, Ingram, and DJ Moore in 1 PPR. Sweat #6 I’m up 265 to 228.3 (2 week semi final)...full PPR he has Brees, Michael Thomas, NO DEF. I kind of wish I could go to bed and wake up once the game ends. It’s going to be a long day...if Ian Thomas scores 2 TDs and Kamara scores 15 points I’ll be so stoked. Also there is thousands of dollars at stake.
  5. The last 5 weeks the feature backs averaged around 15 PPR points: Chubb 18.3 Barber 10.5 Carson 14.3 Kerryon 17.7 Conner 14.3 I think it’s safe to say Kamara is as good or better then all of these guys coupled with the Saints offense providing plenty of scoring opportunities. The one element that’s difficult to account for is his usage has been somewhat inconsistent with Ingram back. He’s still likely to see 15+ touches and he hasn’t had a score for 3 weeks. Call it a hunch but I doubt that streak becomes 4 games.
  6. I’m not sure how likely 33 points is, but this guy is one of the best young versatile backs in the league and hasn’t had a big game for a while. Something tells me he’s due and scores 2 TDs on MNF.
  7. I also think his size/role prevent him from getting very big workloads
  8. He wouldn’t be suiting up if the injury was serious
  9. Ivory declared out - here we go fellas, all aboard
  10. Just waiting for Ivory to be declared out then next stop 20 points in PPR
  11. It’s been reported that Ivory is more doubtful then Shsdy but we’ll find out officially soon. Sure he carries some risk but in some match ups where i need a mini miracle im going to roll the dice (granted Ivory sits). A wise man once said, gotta risk it for the biscuit.