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  1. Is the league H2H or roto? Are payments secured through Leaguesafe? Also, what is the scoring for the league?
  2. Invite sent. Leaguesafe link below.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a league drafting this Sunday at 8pm ET. The league currently has ten people and I need to fill the remaining two spots. Payments will be made through Leaguesafe with majority approval. The draft order will be randomized by ESPN one hour before the draft. Payments must be made two hours before the draft (6pm ET) or I will begin to replace those who fail to pay. The payouts and league settings can be found below. If you are interested please message me or email me at There was also a poll put up on the message board to vote for potentially playing 3 WRs. If majority vote for a third WR I will change the setting. 1) $145 2) $75 3) $20
  4. Sent. Here is the link to leagueafe:
  5. Hey everyone, I have a league drafting tonight at 8pm ET. Our draft lobby opens in about 20 minutes but have a couple of people who have no paid. I am looking for two more people to potentially replace these individuals if they do not pay in the next 5-10 minutes. The settings are standard ppr settings with payments made through leaguesafe. The settings to league can be found below. It's a $20 buy-in with the following payouts: 1) $145 2) $75 3) 20 Please reply here or email me at if you are interested.
  6. Hello everyone, I have one person that did not make payment in time for our draft. I am in need of finding one person to replace him and then we can draft right away. The league is ran through ESPN and is a 2QB standard PPR League. All settings remain the same as a normal standard ppr scoring league with the only difference requiring you to play a second QB. The buy-in is $20 through Leaguesafe with the following payouts: 1) $100 2) $75 3) $25 Here is the league settings above but expect this position to fill quick. The order was determined randomly by ESPN as soon as the draft lobby opened. So pick #6 will be the draft spot. If you are interested please reply here or email me at Spot will fill quickly so don't hesitate if you are interested.
  7. All 3 invites have been sent. That leaves us with one remaining spot drafting Sunday, August 26th @ 8PM Eastern Time. The settings are the same as the OP just different draft day.
  8. For those interested (since I have received a few emails). Here is the second league. There are 8 spots left for that draft which takes place August 26th @ 8PM ET.