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  1. We are seeking one replacement owner for a first place team. Previous owner just went AWOL after being active until early June. 12 teams, H2H, 8x8 category scoring, keep up to 20 players per year. One requirement: you must use the slack app for league/trade communication. Team: League Settings:
  2. Corrected. It is now open for public view.
  3. Please let me know if you are interested. I'm sure there's a guy out there that likes to trade and enjoys discussing deals, and would be a good fit for our league.
  4. We had one owner leave. First year league. You can keep up to 20 players. 12 teams, H2H 8x8 scoring. New owner must join slack for league communication/trade discussion. Not looking for another owner that will bail on us; I want someone that will be active on slack and be in it for the long haul with us. Here are league settings: The Dodgers are the available team:
  5. Yes would want considerable more keepers. Do y'all use a chatroll or anything similar for league chats/trade discussion?
  6. Thanks but I'm looking for a league for more keepers.
  7. I'm looking to join a trade and chat active league. If you need a replacement for an ESPN keeper or dynasty league, let me know.
  8. Ok, I've got 2 guys that said they were in but haven't accepted the invite. So I may have 2 spots still open. Draft is at 10 tonight. 2 active guys jump on these spots and fill the league