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  1. I've been down on him a bit, but I like what I've seen/read in ST so far. Lots of swings and misses.
  2. Boylen's somehow turned things around and the players don't seem to hate him anymore now that they aren't getting blown out every night and are playing uptempo. He might actually be closer to mediocre than awful. In any case, he's cheap and the Bulls love that, so I expect he'll be back.
  3. Bulls playing keep-away after regulation kept Lauri from getting 40+. I get Lavine was hot and he did hit the dagger, but he also clanked a lot of shots and turned the ball over playing hero ball.
  4. I'm starting to wonder what he could be next season. Unless the Bulls get lucky and draft Zion, I can't see lauri getting fewer shots. 25/10.5 with tons of threes seems not out of the realm, especially if Lavine is ok being the #2 and the Bulls can sign or draft a real distributor.
  5. He’s shooting out of his mind and that won’t continue, but on a team full of mistake prone young players, he’s a steady and talented vet and so will get his shots and play big minutes.
  6. Well the trade I threw out trying to get him last night was just rejected lol. Any buy-low that might have existed from him joining the Bulls is out the window...
  7. Unless you can blow someone away in a trade, I think you keep him bc his ros value is a little deflated given his rough start to the season. Looks like he’ll get 12 to 14 shots per game in Chicago and his three-point percentage is trending up to where it was the past few years. That plus 2 stocks a game is hard to trade away. Top 30 guy imo, but I doubt you would get proper value in a trade.
  8. 21/12 over last 10 games. Wish I held on to him.
  9. Another massive game. I wonder if something like 22/10 with 3 3ptm/g isn't out of the question ROS.
  10. 28 and 6 with 4 treys in the first half. Damn.
  11. Boylen has said that he’s been playing through pain since returning.
  12. 20 and 7 with 4 threes in the first half. Looks like he's rounding back to form after that mini slump. I fear, though, that the elbow thing might be a some nights it hurts/some nights it doesn't kind of injury. And for a shooter, that will likely = terrible inconsistency.
  13. No team fields a roster of 25 good players. No good young talents are going to be blocked by a 35 year old Harper or Machado. Getting ~30-35 WAR the first 7 years is worth paying through the nose for 3-6 over the last 3.
  14. I could be remembering wrong, but I believe they brought in Tim Raines, maybe the greatest baserunner of all-time, to work with him and Anderson last year. Not much more you can do than that.
  15. Correct, Abreu got 68. However, he's approved much loftier offers over the years for players that ultimately signed elsewhere.