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  1. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Just a gentle reminder: Sale is a first half monster and falls off a bit after the break virtually every year. Now is the time to sell high and grab an Arenado or whatever for him.
  2. Luis Robert - OF - CHW

    Apparently he ran full speed into a wall going after a flyball. One of those things that young players tend to stop doing after they figure out they're not immortal. Still, that's a lot of lost development time for him the last 2 years. Add in the injuries to Eloy, Hansen, Burger, Burdi, and Dunning and you've got the majority of the White Sox prized prospects battling injuries of some significance. Rick Hahn's got to be chewing his fingernails into dust.
  3. 7/3 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Of course I dropped Palka last night for Matt Adams. Probably should have waited a day.
  4. Avisail Garcia 2018 Outlook

    So, uh, maybe I was wrong. He's hitting some monster shots right now. Game power meeting raw power. Who knows, maybe he's good for another 15-18 jacks this year.
  5. Avisail Garcia 2018 Outlook

    I've never seen a player with a greater disparity between raw power and HR production. This guy should be hitting 30-40 bombs a year. At this point I think he is what he is. He might hit .280 ROS, but you'll get maybe 10 home runs and nothing else out of him.
  6. Matt Davidson 2018 Outlook

    He's thrown more good curveballs this year than Giolito. Not even joking.
  7. 6/24 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yeah I gotta get up bright and early each day to check on his status. I doubt even if he's essentially healthy that they'll play him more than 70% of the games ROS.
  8. 6/24 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Forgot to put in Palka for Eaton. Of course he hits a home run.
  9. 6/24 - GAME DAY THREAD

    He's only thrown 78 pitches through 6. He's not getting pulled.
  10. Tim Anderson 2018 Outlook

    He's going to be the most frustrating 30-40 player ever. Pure feast or famine.
  11. Yordan Alvarez 1B HOU

    I imagine the White Sox had him on their list of potential targets in a midseason Abreu deal with HOU when the season started. Ship has probably sailed on that . . .
  12. Dylan Cease - SP CHC

    Seen him a few times. Electric 1-2 as has been described. I think he's right up there with Hansen and Lopez as far as the Sox young arms go (and just behind Dunning, who I'm more bullish on than most). Obviously Lopez has a leg up with ML success, but I see them all ending up as solid middle of the rotation arms or bullpen beasts depending on who gets pushed out of the rotation in a few years. Developing a good change probably keeps Cease a starter. Without it, I think he becomes a lights out set-up man or closer (though Burdi is still the obvious guy to pencil in as CL for the Sox of the future). AA will be a good test for him.
  13. Carlos Rodon 2018 Outlook

    People here are too reactionary. Rodon's rehab stint + first three starts are harbingers of good things to come, and yet people are talking about dropping. Unless you're in an 8-team league, what ya thinkin'? That FB/slider combo is going to get you 9-10 K/9, and I imagine he'll be good for quite a few QS the rest of the way. No, he's not a 3 ERA guy, but those don't grow on trees the way they used to.
  14. Jose Abreu 2018 Outlook

    Oh man if he gets traded to Houston. The RBIs are gonna come in bunches. Abreu has like 30 doubles this year. So many with no one on base. That would change overnight.
  15. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    Tall guys that throw hard often have control issues. Young Sale is another example. If he's still walking 5+/9 a year from now, then I'll be worried.