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  1. The Patterson and Gabriel runs will fuel his insanity for the next 5-6 games at least.
  2. TBF egregious RTP calls balanced out on both sides. Each team benefited from and was hurt by s---y reffing. In the end no different from any game where the losing team can moan about the refs all they want but ultimately it was execution that won out. Trubisky completed a 4th and 15. Robinson got down with 1 second left. Pinero made a 50+ yard kick. That's the game.
  3. Especially since he had no preseason. What were they thinking. Trubisky can be an average NFL qb and top 8-10 fantasy qb when utilized properly. We saw it at times last year. The problem here is Nagy. He won't commit to running 35+ times a game and simplifying the playbook for someone that was a project QB when drafted and who has barely started 3 dozen games in the last, what, 6 years? You have a skill corps that runs routes well and doesn't drop passes. You have several talented running backs, including Trubisky. Why not play to the strengths of the roster? I don't get it. You want to throw deep to guys like A-Rob? Fine, establish a running game first so he's covered by one DB instead of 2 or 3. WHY IS THIS SO HARD. Ugh. I don't want to drop the guy so early but I really am losing faith in the Bears' ability to do anything right offensively.
  4. Miley last night and Reylo and Josh James tonight just ended my season in my main league. I rank MLB pitchers just behind ponzi schemers on my list of favorite types of people.
  5. Hoping Good ReyLo shows up again tonight.
  6. You can't really forecast injuries for guys that don't have chronic injuries. Banking on 150+ games from anyone is impossible. Best you can hope for is 140+ based on a history of good health and age. Trout has been at 140+ every year but 1. That's good enough for me. He's still the consensus #1 unless you choose to roster build a certain way (i.e., taking a guy like Acuna first so you can worry less about steals later).
  7. Soto has earned his way into being a top 10 lock at this point IMO. He's going to be 21 on OD, coming off of a monster 5 cat season. No signs of a letdown coming, just the opposite. He has fantasy #1 ceiling, unlike some of the other guys in that range (Nolan, the pitchers, Rendon, Bregman). Think a prime Miggy season + 15-20 bags. He's got a reasonably reliable floor (as reliable as one can be for a player with <900 ABs) and a ceiling that only the three top tier guys can match. If the top 3 are off the board and Soto is there, he's the guy I take. Yeah, even over Bellinger. Soto has been a little better overall since May 1, and I have more confidence both in him putting up a bonkers .300-40-20 type of season next year than Belli, and also being a top 30 player if things don't go as well as planned.
  8. He's going to lead the league in hitting. Just nuts. Obvious BABIP assistance, but his xBA is still near .300. Shame he stopped running, but that kind of seems to be a Renteria mandate. Anderson and Moncada with 25 steals combined is ludicrous. Abreu doesn't like hitting with runners going, so that explain Moncada at least. It does make me worry about Madrigal and Robert's fantasy value next season if they get limited on the bases. If a guy like Anderson, who is rocking an 81% success rate over his career, can't get a full greenlight during a rebuild season... But anyway, if this dude is a .280-20-20 guy going forward that's still really nice. The BA was the only thing really holding him back.
  9. Should be a good value pick next year. The stuff is too good for him not to be closer to first half Caleb vs second half, team destroying Caleb.
  10. He really did. Trubisky is good at running the ball and with simple fool proof routes. They have the skill guys (Arob, Miller, Gabriel, Cohen, Monty) to stick to a limited playbook and win a lot of games 16-10 or 17-7. But I don't think Nagy's ego will allow him to play safe and conventional and take that 16-10 win. He wants that 65 yard highlight TD pass. And he wants it on a double reverse with a special teams gunner throwing it and Akiem Hicks catching it. And if he can't have that, *********** would rather lose.
  11. 11 touches for 36 yards. If anything he proved what he was. A third stringer.
  12. Some say it's worth holding out until the postseason.
  13. They will make a bunch of playoff appearances bc of the amazing D but they cost themselves a SB or two with that f--- up. Ouch.
  14. Handoff to Cordarelle on 3rd and 1 lol What. The. f---. Nagy.