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  1. Reynaldo Lopez 2018 Outlook

    The nice thing about Lopez is that his stuff is so bonkers that it's hard to imagine him flaming out like other Tier 2 pitching prospects that come into the league and struggle to get their footing. After what he's shown this year he's a heavy buy for me going into next year. Watching him back up 98mph heat with 82 mph changeups is a thing of beauty. If the command sticks he's going to start racking up strikeouts like crazy. I've never felt more confident about a guy with a career 7 K/9 getting to 9.5+.
  2. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    It's also his first two starts in a modern NFL offense with competent skill personnel after last year's garbage heap. They're playing things very safe so far, and you can't blame them too much given the overall results. Nagy running on 3rd and 1 or Fuller catching that INT and the Bears are 2-0. Trub doesn't have a rifle, but he doesn't have a weak arm either. He's also shown the ability to throw accurately downfield (small sample, albeit). Once things start to click everyone will benefit. Also worth noting that the Bears have only trailed about 2 out of 120 mins so far. They haven't had much incentive to open up the field offensively. But that will change. This is an ~8 win team. They will be forced to go to the air more as the season goes on and they find themselves trailing more often.
  3. Reynaldo Lopez 2018 Outlook

    Last 6 starts: 39.2IP 24 H 9 BB 2 HR 43 SO 1.13 ERA 0.83 WHIP
  4. Jose Abreu 2018 Outlook

    I seriously doubt they would have brought him back on Sept 10 and not just shut him down for the rest of the year if he wasn't 100%. He wants to play and the injury, while nightmare inducing, is not the type to nag at a player or recur like a hammy or blister. I imagine he'll get his hacks in just about every day.
  5. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    Imagine having Reyes, Urias, and Kopech...
  6. Dylan Cease - SP CHC

    Let's not forget Dunning. If he ends up not needing TJS, he could make the leap next year as well. Of the major Sox SP prospects, he's the one with the best command and as a result the least likely to encounter growing pains a la Gio and ReyLo at the big league level.
  7. Jose Abreu 2018 Outlook

    Needs 3HR and 22 RBI to get to 25 and 100 yet again. I'm betting on him to go balls out and come close.
  8. Carlos Rodon 2018 Outlook

    His velo being so down last time out suggests to me a tired arm after spending most of the season rehabbing. Might be out of gas. Or might have just been an an off night. I've seen Sale have random starts where he's sitting 89-91 all night and then come back 5 days later throwing 98-99. Who knows. Still, it's KC. You gotta trot him out there.
  9. Jose Abreu 2018 Outlook

    Back tomorrow it seems.
  10. 9/9 - GAME DAY THREAD

    This is the ReyLo I like.
  11. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    I mean you might well get 20+ Ks and a 1.25 ERA in that time. Maybe worth it depending on your league. And I do believe he'll get at least one start before the postseason without any restrictions.
  12. Michael Kopech 2018 Outlook

    White Sox system has been so unlucky with injuries among their top prospects. Just off the top of my head Hansen, Burger, Robert, Dunning, Burdi, Adolfo and now Kopech have all missed a lot of time with injuries. At least Cease already had his TJS, I guess.
  13. Michael Kopech 2018 Outlook

    The drop seems a combination of tired arm and wanting to tame the wildness. Cooper does it with all the starters. ReyLo can throw 99-100 but usually works 93-96. Rodon about the same. Both rarely push it to 98-99 these days, maybe once or twice a game. Kopech was throwing 99-101 just two months ago so it's not a worry to me. The K/BB is still fab -- the White Sox just need to figure out sequencing with him. Anyway every so-so or poor start down the stretch means he'll be cheaper next year in re-drafts
  14. 9/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Kopech gets his two innings in and the rain starts pouring. Forecast doesn't look promising but there might be a small window if they get lucky.
  15. 9/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    You can't make this stuff up: Kopech likely to get rained out again. Hopefully the game just gets scrapped entirely and he pitches tomorrow.