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  1. Got the gamewinner. Great game for him tonight
  2. Ok, he's back. Disaster averted.
  3. Exits with elbow injury...
  4. Why not? The Bulls are all over the launch threes and threes and threes mentality this season. Justin Holliday is already taking 8 per game. And his are pretty much all open looks that are the result of drive and kicks and broken plays, mostly. Lauri otoh has to do virtually no work to get a three. Plus Boylen wants to play at a faster tempo, which doesn't hurt. Anyway there are like 15 players this year taking 8 or more a game. No reason Lauri shouldn't be in that bunch. He's already taken 19 in 58 minutes -- would be 21 but for the shot clock buzzer just barely wiping away two others. A perimeter oriented big man taking 9 threes a game is not a big deal in this iteration of the NBA.
  5. He could easily take 9+ threes a game. It's where the NBA is going, and every 3 is essentially an open look for him b/c of his height and release point. If he can shoot around 40% from deep he might be a top 25 player ROS.
  6. Rusty, out of sync, teammates ignored him in favor of ISO ball so most of his shots were contested/out of rhythm (I guess you can't blame Lavine too much since he had a great game). Pretty much what you would expect for a guy that missed 6+ weeks to start the year.
  7. Lots of guys bulk up without it hurting their shot. In fact, virtually every 19/20 year old will add a ton of muscle his first few years in the league. I don't remember gaining ridiculous muscle mass hurting Ben Gordon's three pointer. Or Karl Malone's jumper. LeBron's J improved as he starting pushing 265+. Rose is much stronger now than when he was younger. Three point shot is near 50%. Same thing with Butler -- bulks up, three gets better. TJ Warren, too. So many examples. All that matters is having good, repeatable form and Lauri has that. Lauri turning into mini Drago is just going to help his already underrated inside game/athleticism. It's a big +, IMO.
  8. Justin Holiday 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's super streaky so definitely more valuable in roto. Dude has taken 8+ threes in half of Chicago's games this year, gets a lot of steals, and doesn't turn the ball over. Lots to like.
  9. Okay boys, it's time. I flipped him this morning for a decent enough return. Lauri's back in a week and I doubt Parker's going to be putting up the same statlines as he gets shoved a rung down the ladder on the offensive end.
  10. Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Foul trouble is not a major issue for rookie big men. They always figure it out. Not worried.
  11. Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    6 stocks in two of the last three games. I love this man
  12. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Yeah, I would stash. As long as he's healthy he should improve some over last season (which was almost a de facto rookie year). His shot allegedly looks better after putting in a lot of work this offseason so who knows, maybe he bumps up to something like 44/35/75 this year. That would be a huge improvement over last season, but hey, we live in a world where DeAndre Jordan has become an 82% FT shooter. All things are possible.
  13. Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm not worried about Lavine. He'll defer when the team is healthy since he's a mediocre at best ballhandler and playmaker. And anyway Dunn will be controlling the offense so the bigs should get better looks on drives and kicks/dumpoffs. Would be nice if Carter started getting some calls, too. A few more big games and maybe the whistle starts to blow when he gets hacked going up near the rim.
  14. Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Lol, yeah. He plays like Kobe on those mediocre Lakers teams. But as long as he's putting up Kobe scoring numbers you can hardly fault him, I guess.