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  1. Does Darwin Thompson impact this discussion?
  2. Fair but I don’t think Carlos Hyde is frightening anyone.
  3. The same guy who’s only gone at 3.5YPC the last two years? And played at 4 teams in a similar time? Not saying it won’t happen but with what Williams turned out last year why would you replace him?
  4. Fantastic summation and there is some good stuff in here but so much bickering you’ve really nailed it here so thanks for saving me having to trawl through the entire thread. Thanks again.
  5. He looks a tiny little dude! Can move by the looks though.
  6. Do you think Hyde is a threat to take the lead? Or Darwin? I feel like Hyde’s lack of productivity in recent times should cancel him out but who the he’ll saw Damian Williams taking the lead role?
  7. I’m relatively uneducated here, could Hyde take over from Damian Williams? In dynasty if you had both Williams and Thomson, would you try and get Hyde?
  8. Guys I’ve got Sammy Watkins dynasty ppr, want to know what his value is in rookie draft picks, I’ve got very little idea and would love some help. Also would you swap him for Mike Williams? Cheers
  9. Engram for me this year. Great value attached to him.
  10. RB 1 next year. All scenarios where he isn’t are not realistic given the defensive needs of the Chiefs.
  11. Talk of Alshon having his reps monitored Mike Williams is my best replacement option, who do I go?
  12. Starting over Alshon Jeffrey.... thoughts?
  13. Can’t believe I’m considering him over Golladay and Alshon. I might do it!