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  1. for who? Ty Johnson? (If you're in my league and have Ty Johnson.....send it๐Ÿ˜Ž)
  2. and I'm not trolling at all. I'm a sincerely concerned owner. Give me one reason why this isn't the norm moving forward? What happens when that outlier run doesn't come and he scores 4 points? This thread would be turned upside down without it
  3. because statistical glitches aren't my jive
  4. ummmmmm $5 to anyone who spots the outlier......stacked boxes be damned. You think that's going to change?
  5. you follow me....nice. I am new..... this isn't soccer? Barry, Walter, LT
  6. oh, I watched. He was absolute TRASH on all but ONE of his touches
  7. could it be....this dude not good? Cliff notes: Yes it could
  8. talent......TONS. Idiot coaching staff.....You bet. That's my analysis. You're welcome?
  9. sell Fournette, I'm plain and simply losing faith that he's any good. Buy Montgomery, his role is sure to keep increasing at least he has a creative mind at head coach.
  10. wow you're right....late adjustment
  11. let's try this again. IS he healthy? Seems so. IS he motivated? Seems so. The only IF is whether or not he plays and how much. I a putrid TE landscape I prefer to be the one holding him rather than being late on him. What's it costing you? Danny Amendola or Ty Montgomery on your bench?