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  1. I have one that isn’t idp
  2. I have one with IDP, 16 teams free
  3. Any IDP players in here ??

    I want details
  4. Free Yahoo NFL Team Challenge

    Is this idp
  5. I am looking to join 1 or 2 leagues.

    Sweet can I get a join link
  6. I am looking to join 1 or 2 leagues.

    I Will join the free college league also if there are spots
  7. I have one that is free and yahoo, doesn’t sound like it fits you but maybe you would want to?
  8. I have made a FREE yahoo dynasty league with 16 teams! WANTING ACTIVE OWNERS This is an IDP league with 4 keepers (can be changed) PPR scoring and balanced scoring for offense and defensive players! Positions are QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/K/DL/LB/DB/6 Bench/ IR We an make a group chat at GroupMe if wanted by other managers! please respond or e-mail me for more info or if you want to join William.anderson1502@yahoo.com
  9. Looking for at least 4, live snake...

    Is this a dynasty league? IDP?