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  1. Randall Cobb 2018 Outlook

    Remember when this guy used to be good? Has to be the softest player in the whole league.
  2. James White 2018 Outlook

    Rough game all around for the Patriots. Still think he maintains top 10-15 PPR value rest of season.
  3. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    I've always been a fan of waiting on a TE for $2-3 in auction, but I may need to adjust my approach next year. Having Ertz/Kelce and to a lesser extent Kittle is such a huge advantage with how shallow the TE position is.
  4. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    Should’ve been dropped weeks ago
  5. A.J. Green 2018 Outlook

    Everything I’ve read, football guys podcast, experience owning players with similar injuries in the past, etc
  6. A.J. Green 2018 Outlook

    Would sell him for anything you can get at this point, I really think he’s done for the year
  7. A.J. Green 2018 Outlook

    big if true
  8. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    TD bailed him out from a really disappointing day. Likely still holding, but I need to see more consistent targets before I’d feel comfortable starting again.
  9. Please get James White involved. I’m down 2 in a must win. Would be an all time bad beat
  10. Kapri Bibbs 2018 Outlook

    Falcons D one of the worst against pass catching RB. I think his floor is probably 8-10 points in PPR with a chance for a TD. Decent bye week flex play
  11. Elijah McGuire 2018 Outlook

    I’m in the same spot. I think Bibbs is the better play by a fairly large margin
  12. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    Agreed with previous posters. If he doesn't post a decent line today he's probably droppable in redraft leagues.
  13. Laquon Treadwell 2018 Outlook

    I think Aldrick Robinson is the play
  14. John Ross 2018 Outlook

    any AJ Green owners handcuffing with Ross until we know the extent of Green's injury?