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  1. Defo do it !! CMC is RB1 ROS ! and 0.5 is even better
  2. I'd rather hold and keep Gordon , than dropping him for Green. Maybe drop someone else for Green ? They said Gordon may return and that it's not a Bell situation
  3. Hmm i'd hold mate. Maybe pick up a wr off the waivers. R Anderson is unclear how he'll perform w/o Sam. Keep OBJ ofc
  4. I like Dalton over Cousins. So keep Royce and grab Dalton
  5. Totally agree with this ! You can sell Vance high right now and D Walker is playing well
  6. You are great at WR , but i wouldn't target Mixon tbh. Maybe another RB
  7. Hello everyone. It's a PPR League and i need a WR in order to replace Kenny G in his bye week (Week 5). My team is in my sig. I keep 2 QBs and 2 TEs just for their bye week. Not willing to drop L Jackson or D Watson cause they are both on fire. I keep 2 TEs and i want to figure out who's gonna be my main guy. Currently rolling with D Walker. There are few names in the waiver list and i'd like your help to decide who to pick up. Few WRs on the waiver list are : Gallup (he got injured though, right?!?) , Ross III , Crowder , McLaurin , DK Metcalf , Goodwin , Agholor , DJ Chark , Demarcus Robinson .. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated !
  8. i really like your squad man ! defo you gonna be in playoffs
  9. If there are extra pts every 100 , 200 and 300 passing yards , yeah id pick Mahomes
  10. Chubb , Mixon , Gurley and Cook