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  1. Best long Term RB WHIR

    Mack and Jones for me
  2. Pick up Winston? WHIR

    tbh i'd drop Corey Davis for Winston. That guy is a boom bust type of player and you just can never feel safe starting him !
  3. Allison or Godwin ROS

    Godwin , Allison has that hammy issue.
  4. Both have tough matchups , i think i'd roll with Beathard. Rams aren't unbeatable and they allow yards (last 4 QBs against Rams finished top15)
  5. You can't ignore what he has done lately. overall i think he has a better yards per carry than Carson. And i see Davis gets the goal line work. Carson has like 1 TDs in his last 2 games right ? And Davis only scored 2 against Rams.
  6. Weather concerns me tbh. But start Sanders and Gordon.
  7. Tbh i would drop Howard for Foreman. He has a higher upside than the other options and you dont really need OJ. I prefer Burton and Njoku
  8. RB Struggles

    Powell ! thanks for mine
  9. i really like Cohen !! thanks for mine
  10. Brady or Ryan? WHIR

    Brady ofc help mine please ?
  11. Yes . you have a good QB with no bye week ! and ekeler is a solid play weekly
  12. if Cook is good to go , i'd start him. i'd defo give him a start. AP is hurt and i dont feel safe to start any Packers RB , cause i know they throw the ball a lot
  13. Burton ! I think he's the more talented guy that the others. tough matchup or not he will get targets. help mine please ?
  14. Mike Davis. I think he gets the goal line work. and i'm pretty sure Seahawks will get many TDs ! help mine please ?
  15. WR Help. WHIR 100%

    I'd go with Boyd and Coutee . Weather in Den concerns me a lot. help mine please ?