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  1. Has anyone noticed this? Look at the praise heaped upon Deshone Kizer, who had a QB rating of 28 yesterday. ' Kizer wasn't great in Saturday's win over Tampa Bay but he's been Cleveland's best quarterback throughout the summer and deserves to lead the rebuilding Browns in 2017....' and 'Kizer was better than his overall stat line suggests...' and more excuses. Compare to Christian Hackenberg 'It was another faceplant from Hackenberg after a disastrous showing last week. He continued to look completely lost on the field. His preseason has done nothing but confirm a wasted-pick narrative.' When Hackenberg was 18/25 for 125, there is a pointed effort to downplay: 'The Jets made it clear early their main goal was to build Hackenberg's confidence, calling safe plays. Hackenberg avoided big mistakes, but also failed to make anything of note happen. His 5.01 yards per attempt was positively Gabbert-ian. All in all, considering the lack of talent on the field with Hackenberg, it was an inconclusive game. Hackenberg isn't in the mix to start Week 1. That job still belongs to Josh McCown.' Mallett: Mallett was hardly better, and will enter Thursday's preseason finale 28-of-50 (56 percent) for 229 yards (4.58 YPA), one touchdown and two interceptions. He's looked even worse than those abysmal numbers. He simply can't move an NFL offense, and has no feel for the professional game. Siemian: The Broncos envision Siemian as a capped-ceiling placeholder quarterback, but he gives the team its best chance to win now. The Broncos should probably look into acquiring Tyrod Taylor to add more talent to the room. Savage Tom Savage is more advanced as a pocket passer, but Watson's playmaking ability is going to be needed by the Texans sooner rather than later. Tolzien A 2014 UDFA, Morris has never played in the regular season, but the Colts may be reaching "how much worse can he be than Scott Tolzien?" territory. I'm not saying that any of these are great QBs or that they will even be more than career backups. But the angry utter contempt for players like Hackenberg, Mallett and Tolzien just drips from the page. Compare the hatred for these QBs compared to the amplification of any success and soft pedaling of every fault shown for Kizer, Tyrod Taylor, Watson, and every other black QB contender over the last several years on this website.