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  1. Don't think he will have enough minutes to be relevant this year, his role will be somwhat similar to Seth Curry's role last year ,nothing to be excited about unless you are in a deep dynasty league....which I know it's not your case 😂😂
  2. Hi there , With the now official season opening in yahoo I've decided to create a new dynasty league...just for the sake of it. Let's see how it pans out, I'm a dedicated owner participating in quite a few leagues already. However I always wanted to create mine from the scratch, with the settings of my choice, and it seems this could be finally the year. I'm into deep leagues , so roughly what I have started is a free league hosted in Yahoo , H2H 9 cat, 20 teams, 16 players per roster, 10 active, 10 keepers ,4 adds per week, no inj spot. Some details still need to be fine tuned: for the inaugural draft I'm considering either an early auction draft in the first week of September or an offline snake draft with 6 hours per pick. Final decision will depend on the eagerness of the group of owners I put together. I'd much rather go with the latter if I see that everyone's involvement can make this option viable ,just don't wanna see a ton of autopicks or people skipping their turns. Before I start spreading the word among the members of my other leagues just wanted to reach out to people who are actively looking to join a dynasty league in the different fantasy boards. In case you are interested toss me a pm, please explain a bit your motivation to join this endeavour , as I'd like to put together a solid group of owners that allow the league to last for good number of years. Thank you
  3. I'm interested , please drop me an email :
  4. Dinwidee is now clearly ahead of D'angelo, even if D'lo retains the starting job. He is always closing tight games . Atkinson seems to have lost all faith on D'lo, which is totally understandable
  5. Anyone else interested. We are drafting tomorrow and team three is still available. Nice opportunity for a rebuilding
  6. This sounds interesting , would love to participate
  7. I meant August 20th...not September , seems that it will be the same date this year. Looking forward to monday then.
  8. I was checking my email and the first mock draft I completed last year was on September 20th, so I guess that Yahoo actually opened on the date I'm not on the 14th. One would logically expect Yahoo to kickstart this season around the same date .
  9. Seems that his moment has finally arrived. We all could see it coming for a while, however seeing his performances during the first part of the season, where he only excelled in the defensive end ,I didn't imagine that the guy could be that good once unleashed. Nice footwork and seems that he could develop a decent jumper shot. Nets have done a remarkable job unveiling new talent : Levert, Dinwiddie and now him. Hats off to Marks
  10. So far Powell is one of the biggest deceptions , this was supossed to be his breakout season I doubt he will be able to turn things around , in the best case scenario his numbers are not very fantasy friendly anyway, so I´m dropping him in any standard league and only keeping him in very deep leagues
  11. Hi, I would like to take the Beard Végéta team. you can send me an invite to: Thanks