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  1. Honestly I'm thinking of benching him this week too. The bills faced Bell and Saquon and they're still the 10th ranked run D.
  2. Because I'm not benching Godwin, Adams or Nuke(unless hurt). If I play Henry over Carson I run the same risk as not playing Henry and having Carson go off. First world problems, yes this is a 10 team league that I got dragged into so the rosters are stacked.
  3. Colts are getting smoked by Tenn at halftime and their aspirations of winning the division are going down in smoke, Reich gets interviewed while walking into the locker room at half and he's asked "What exactly does this team need to do to turn this around?" To which he replies: Luck comes back at half time, the colts make a miraculous comeback to win the game, after the game Luck flips the crowd the bird, gives colts fans a suck it for booing him when he retired. During the post game press-conference Luck re-retires, the Colts lose all their remaining games and miss the playoffs.
  4. I'm benching him this week even though I know its going to bite me in @ss
  5. He's not that far behind Allen in my book. I think Allen has more scripted run calls than him, which gives him more upside. Both have good WR's to work with too.
  6. I got cute last week and took the Bears, when I knew the Pats were the pick, not doing that again. Def cowboys.
  7. Breida isn't exactly the most durable guy, I think he's worth rostering and playing as a flex in good matchups. Especially in PPR. I think he's useful right now, but if Breida goes down he's a must start RB2 with RB1 upside. Any RB in a Kyle Shanahan offense is worth owning IMO.
  8. He was so hard to watch against TB, you know you suck when Jameis looks good in comparison.
  9. Started Cam both weeks, team is 2-0 and put up over 110 pts both weeks. This would be a cool story if I didn't have a garbage QB.
  10. "If don't let them score, you can't lose." Bill Belichick
  11. I don't think this is even a consideration. Stick with your studs.