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  1. This is my first time playing in an ‘automatic’ yahoo league - where yahoo pays our winnings. Any idea on when to expect it? Just curious, thanks!
  2. Always start your studs... I have to go with Rodgers here. But not confidently lol
  3. 100% ditto this. Dak all the way!
  4. Already have Kamara in my rb1 slot. Thanks in advance, WHIR!!
  5. It’s a toss up but I’d go Dixon. I think he has the better shot of getting that TD.
  6. Lifelong Lions fan here, I’m rolling with the Bills with confidence 😩
  7. Him and Fitz have got me this far, but this matchup makes me nervous. Carr, Jackson, Josh Allen, Mariota, Manning, and Mullens are all available on waivers. Must win match up, playing against my mom 😂😂
  8. Anyone rolling Carolina out vs Philly or should I find another option on my very scarce 14 team wire? Thanks!!
  9. I am pick 12 in a 14 team league. who would you pick assuming the top 11 from the yahoo rankings are off the board, starting with Thomas of NO at #12 in the first round and then at the turn in the second? I've done a few mocks but it's so hard to say with those because most go on autodraft before it even starts ? Ps thanks for the help, I'm a girl, and I have to win the 'ship!!! ? Edited to add, 1pt PPR!
  10. I just got the 12th pick in a 14 team league. Help a sister out guys!! What/who are my best options at this spot and the quick turn? I haven't had a chance to do any mocks yet. Thanks!!