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  1. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Im an Eagles fan as well, and remember this "isn't fast enough" criticism of Jeff Carter when he played for the Flyers. Carter was big, had long strides and was able to skate so effortlessly that a good number of fans bitched because it didn't look like he was trying hard enough. I think the same can be applied to Gordon. The guy is big and is such a natural athlete that he doesn't ever really look like he's trying, but he's dominating people.
  2. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    I'd love to see him come to Philly. He's gotta be one of the top 3 misused players in the entire league.
  3. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Dez is your avatar and this offends you? Lol
  4. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    League winner! J/K, they won't even sign him
  5. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    So, the knock on Collins has been his fumble issues. Those same people are now convinced that Ty Montgomery is going to make Collins worthless after he committed one of the worst, most selfish fumbles in NFL history after directly ignoring his head coach... Right, lol.
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    You'll believe anything, won't you? i read it and it confirms my bias, must be true!
  7. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Me want Mack do good
  8. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    There is no bigger Clement truther than myself, but he has to be dropped in all but the most dire of situations. I still believe Clement is by far the most talented back in Philly, but everything out of his control is working against him. Pederson is determined to use 3 backs, no ifs, ands or buts about it. And Wentz has shown he's far too aggressive to even think about checking down to a RB. The only way a RB is valuable in Philly is if it is a player like Kamara, Barkley, DJ, etc... . Clement will have a game or two the rest of the way that makes managers rush to get their waiver claim in, but it's all for not. Pedersons vision will simply not allow a fantasy relevant RB. It is time to move on. RIP Corey, I love you.
  9. Emmanuel Sanders 2018 Outlook

    If Sanders regressed to his mean ROS (in any format) he's still a fantastic bargain, and probably won people 2 or 3 weeks already. Anything he does from now on is total gravy. Thank you Emmanuel!
  10. Emmanuel Sanders 2018 Outlook

    Happens all the time, bro. Theres Bo Jackson and Fran Tarkenton. There were a lot more, it was just before the NFL started keeping stats.
  11. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    Im not talking about whacky theories. I'm looking at numbers he's put up before, considering his increased opportunity and making a reasonable guess as to the guys ceiling. He's missed 2 full games, was barely used in game 1 since Ajayi/Sproles were leaned on, the game against Indy was weird for everyone since it was the first game Wentz returned and Clement is RB39 in PPR. I think RB20 (+/- 4 spots) in ppr is reasonable IF the Eagles don't go get a RB. If Clement can keep 35%-45% of snaps consistently than I think he does a bit better than RB20 and has a couple weeks that he finishes top 10.
  12. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    Clement absolutely has the talent and situation to hit RB1 numbers on some weeks. That possibility isn't there frequently because of how Pederson uses his backs, but it's there. I would not be surprised to see a couple games (assuming the backfield stays as is right now) where Clement has 40 yards rushing, catches 6 balls for 70 and puts in a couple of TDs.
  13. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Lol, sweet details
  14. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    I might just be a stickler for details, but ccimore clearly said "the opportunity is there to be a fantasy star." Thats not a wrong statement. Great QB, good offense, coaches support him and I'm sure they'd not like to see Luck have to throw the ball 55 times every game. The entire situation is there, now it's just up to Mack to seize that opportunity. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, but he seems to have the best shot of any RB in IND to be the guy.
  15. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    Shouldn't you be out chatting up some girls and making money instead of replying to your own comments on a fantasy football site?