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  1. Williams looked a little indecisive at times, but 90% of the time he looked like a scoring threat anywhere on the field. I think Ware is a good back and could take the dominant roll, but Williams has that "it" factor I haven't seen Ware show. People saying Williams is only what he showed in Miami are ignoring that his situation has vastly improved. His talent is still the same, but the guy could thrive in such a high powered offense.
  2. Where did that Spencer Ware truther go?
  3. 'God I wish I could do this with my Williams/Samuels, but I can't. My two options at TE are Lacosse and Jeremy MF'ing Sprinkle. If they announce Ware out before the Steelers game I will be benching Samuel and starting D Will
  4. Robby Anderson is a perfect fit after losing OBJ and Manny Sanders. Hopefully the amount of targets stays the same, should give him a 10 point floor in ppr with a ceiling only a handful of other WRs can beat.
  5. It literally can't be false, it's an opinion.
  6. Yup, that was my point. Only Elite RBs are going to see that workload, even in a positive script (with 100% health) Ware will only see about 60% of snaps. You toss in a neutral-negative script and the fact he's been injured, it might go 60 Williams/20 Ware/20 whoever,
  7. You got a list of any other backs in the NFL that get 80% of the plays?
  8. Who cares about what's happening with Carolinas QB situation? CMC still had 8 catches for almost 70 yards and rushed for almost 60 in a close game the whole way through. The Saints run D isn't that great. A lot of pressure was relieved through the season simply because teams abandoned the run in order to catch up.
  9. Maybe, just so uncertain with a hammy. He could easily tweak it again, but it's nice to see a string of practices put together rather than sit out all week and just get a Friday in.
  11. Saints need to sit Hill and let their HOF QB feed Kamara and Thomas if they want win. The gadget BS Peyton is infatuated with is going to ruin this team. If Kamara would have had 25 touches and Thomas 12 targets the Saints would have won this game by 21+.
  12. I don't see this anywhere, just that he's unlikely to play.
  13. The source they used is a beat writer. It was 50/50 he'd play before this "news", don't think that's changed. Odell is going to call in to Guru Elite on Sirius/XM a little before 3pm today.
  14. There seems to be a few extremely sensitive posters in here that think their collective positivity will have some impact on JCs recovery.
  15. Id say it's a no-brained to start a guy with no positional competition over any Patriots RB. Seems easier to predict Wilsons usage than any Patriots RB. true, only 1 game from Wilson, but we have a decade of games from Hoodie showing that we have absolutely zero clue as to how the RB usage will be spread out.