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  1. As much as I have historically been frustrated with Reid (eagles fan), the man strikes gold with drafting RBs. Im cautious, but Thompson really has a chance to win this backfield. Im in coach, but I'm on the train.
  2. Yea, but the Giants actually use their TE. Nevermind, I'm backwards. Damn whiskey... or am I?
  3. 1,500 rushing, 500 receiving, 20 TDs In the offseason he signs with the Eagles and they win 8 straight Super Bowls.
  4. 6'3", 240lbs and busts big ones? Sounds like the RB1, oooooooooohhhhhhh BABY!
  5. Honestly, even if he tanks again this weekend and you gotta hit the waiver wire (if you haven't already) it's not the end of the world. This isn't like if Kelce crapped the bed, it's a middle of the road TE that is underperforming. Even if a ww TE replacement gets you 5-7 you're good if you work the waivers like a beast. Most years I have 80 transactions on the waivers while the next closest has like 25. I think he takes a turn for the better this weekend, but still only gets 10-14 points in a ppr. We won't be thrilled at the end of the season, but he will produce enough to not kill us every weekend. I'm shooting for mediocrity here. WHY CANT YOU JUST BE NORMAL, OJ?
  6. They cut him within 24 hours of his latest shenanigans, and you can't really condemn someone based on an accusation. I also didn't say the Patriots won the moral super bowl, just complimented their handling of a nuisance player.
  7. And this is exactly how you handle AB. The Raiders let him get away with everything, the Patriots straight up cut his a$$ after one slip up. I gained some respect for the Pats today, and that makes me feel dirty.
  8. The guy holds up better than your son, Mrs. Williams.
  9. He's dumber than hell, but I don't see anything threatening or harassing. But, he should have not done this because the possibility exists that decision makers for the league could view these texts combined with the totality of his behavior to be against the personal conduct policy. The guy just can't keep his finger out of the socket. If all it takes are ill advised text messages to to get players suspended than I imagine most of the league will end up getting suspended.
  10. Just can't find a way to start him this weekend, stronger/safer options. But I'm glad his arrow is pointing up, hope he blows up on my bench. He can have a quiet day, but he absolutely cannot blow a blocking assignment. If he fumbles or something it's no big deal, Reid has always given the ball right back to the RB after a fumble to get their confidence back up. Looking good for Mr. McCoy
  11. Yea, still having him Q is, well, questionable...
  12. My comment had nothing to do with fantasy, it had to do with wanting to see Henry succeed. I think he could do some really special things on a team that has a passing game. I'd settle for seeing Him stay with the Titans if they get another QB, even Fitzpatrick/Keenum would be enough to open up the run game for Henry.
  13. I hope they don't, would love to see him on another team.