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  1. He has more poise in the pocket than either of them, he just needs to work on his accuracy/footwork.
  2. I dont think he gets benched at this point.
  3. Yea, Lamar is not getting benched unless hurt or regresses badly. Flacco is finished. In fact, I am pretty sure Lamar has earned at least one total throw away game at this point.
  4. When I saw Fournette in preseason I didnt recognize him. Not surprised he sucked this year.
  5. He won't. Not because he can't, but he is no trying to. He is trying to get first downs an then get down.
  6. I am benching him because I realize his workmen like approach lowers his ceiling. His only chance for huge plays is if they are behind and they have to throw out their game plan.
  7. I know, I have him and Lamar. I was mainly referring to the weeks in between the best game of his career and his fantasy football relevance the last few weeks.
  8. Haha, nice. He has gotten worse since then, but touche.
  9. How many starts did it take for Josh Allen to show he had a ceiling above 0? Serious question.
  10. I am much more scared of that. That probably means Lamar is having a bad game though. So, the real risk is losing garbage time, no?
  11. Maybe, but that is not what the Ravens have done in his last 4 starts. Lamar doesn't run much unless it is designed and they have typically handed it off on 3rd and long. I know the possibility is there, but there isn't a ton of evidence to say it is likely.
  12. Yea, even if they do use Flacco in really obvious passing situations, how does that hurt Lamar? The Ravens would have otherwise called a hand off like we saw them do in other 3rd and longs until overtime. You are not starting Lamar because he makes big pass completions on 3rd and long.
  13. Yes, he isn't a great passer yet. That is why the gameplan is to not pass a lot. His job is to run effectively and manage the RPO's, make first downs, pass when needed, and not turn the ball over. all of which he did. What you are basically saying is a 5-technique whose job is to set the edge and funnel the run to the LB's sucks because he didn't get 15 sacks. It is not what he is being asked to do and using a non-relevant metric to grade them is just bad analysis.