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  1. On one hand I'm glad I got him so he can't be used against me in the championship. On the other hand, it seems I need to decide if I should start him over Ingram as my flex...
  2. The answer to your question is dependent upon who else people have on their bench. My only other option is Golladay and I just don't know that I can trust him over Allen. If Allen is active, I'm playing him.
  3. I'm pretty much playing him because of his floor, not necessarily expecting another 30+ point game. If he gets 20 carries, 80 yards and a TD, I would be very satisfied with that from my RB2. I think those numbers are totally doable.
  4. Spreading the ball was a non-factor this past week. He got 4 looks in the red zone but just couldn't connect. I'm expecting a huge bounce back game this week. Glad I survived him and K. Allen's debacle.
  5. 8 catches for 108 yards and 1 TD in the first matchup up with KC. Would gladly take that tonight.
  6. The dude is playing. They'll be missing Watkins and now Ware so I don't think they're throwing him out as a decoy for T. Kelce and a bunch of JAGs. Here's to a shoot out with lots of targets to Hill.
  7. I'm amazed at all the hand-wringing going on with Hill. I guess I shouldn't because he has had his naysayers all season, but he's not going out there to be a decoy. He might be limited but that is a limited I'm willing to take.
  8. It's not a short week. Both teams played Thursday and play again this Thursday.
  9. Reasonable people can disagree, but in standard I wouldn't buy the argument that Thielen is more valuable than Hill to this point. Not saying I would be sad with Thielin at all, but Hill has outscored him by nearly 30 points on the season or about 2.5 points per game. In 11 games, Hill has won me 4 games pretty much by himself. Another hidden value he has is protection against Mahomes. One of the games Hill went off I was facing Mahomes and won. That being said, there are still 4 games left in the fantasy season which could alter things. I certainly don't expect Hill to keep up his 17.5 ppg pace the rest of the year.
  10. I sure hope he is heating up. I traded for him betting on a better 2nd half of the season.
  11. I'm not sure this is gambler's fallacy. He's already averaging 80 yards per game so I believe it's fair to say that is his absolute floor. I think it's also a fair bet to believe a WR1 will score more than 1 TD in his next 8 games regardless of how the first 8 games went.
  12. If you're the favorite in the matchup, I think I'd just roll with Cousins. No need to over think.
  13. Count me as a no for this trade as well. Julio is a flashy name but he's just not a great fantasy player. Help?