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  1. lol...ah s---, you're not drafting till 1:30 am my time...Im cool. Thanks!
  2. Is yours through league safe? I cant pay Yahoo from FL Im running through Leagusafe
  3. Im trying to get an auction going as well. Id join yours, but im in FL and can not play on Yahoo. Any interest in jumping in mine?
  4. Gauging interest to see if we can fill it REAL QUICK. Not changing date Not changing time. If you want to draft a 12 Team $50 auction PPR ESPN LEAGUE SAFE PAYMENT than this DRAFT IS FOR YOU. Drop the emails below. If we can get enough in the next half hour, I'll get everything going. Lets DO THIS
  5. Id be in for the same..Auction $25-$50 drafting tonight about 9pm est Lets get this thing going.
  6. I live in Florida and had no problem joining. What wouldnt allow you in?
  7. Don't do that s---. Get your own thread and don't send unsolicted league join request.
  8. im in No pushing draft. We draft TONIGHT!
  9. Lets make it a 12 teamer...we can fill it If its 12..Im In
  10. Me as well $20 Auction PPR would be awesome :).