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  1. just one person.... commish only one that can probably tell who
  2. he still need two and people are going to start bailing. Settings are essentially half PPR with yardage bonuses. 5 point for passing TD. everything else looks fairly standard. rosters are 2 rb 1 qb 2 wr 2 flex, 1 rb/wr 1te def k
  3. i've got twenty minutes before I need to process a refund.... gotta get this done!
  4. lets just find two more quickly. Can't be that hard. I posted, joined, and paid while at red lights on my way home
  5. prefer 12 teams but with the deep rosters and deep bench, 10 could work I need to get this started soon too.
  6. one thing is certain.... no free agents worth a salt will be available. 9 bench spots 3 flex and 3 IR....