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  1. Last Minute $250 Non PPR League!!

    Bump for people who know non PPR is where it's at
  2. Last Minute $250 Non PPR League!!

    Draft is Saturday at 10. Best idea is to join now if you want in, then pay on leaguesafe once league fills.
  3. Last Minute $250 Non PPR League!!

    Just 2 so far, but haven't really started working it yet
  4. Draft is Saturday 9/9/17 @ 10 PM EST (Payouts: 1st $1,625 2nd $750 3rd $375 4th $250) All leagues will have payments run through Leaguesafe. Roster Settings: Starters QB RB RB WR WR TE FLX FLX 8 bench slots 1 Injured Reserve slot This league does not have NO Kickers or D/ST The regular season will be 11 weeks long, allowing each team to play every other team once, and not more, creating the most fair schedule for everyone. 6 teams reach the playoffs, with the top 2 teams receiving First round byes. The first round of the playoffs will be one week long (acting as a Wild Card round between the 3-6 seeds), and the semi-finals and Championship will be 2 weeks each. The Championship will take place in week 16 (It says the league is ending in week 17 on the league page, but I will have to manually edit the schedule during the playoffs in order to have 6 teams make the playoffs, and have the league end during week 16. This is not a problem and I have done it in many leagues.) I am a very experienced League Commissioner, and have run dozens of successful leagues over the last 15 years. Looking forward to running fair, and efficient leagues. Let me know if you have any questions!! Leave a message here, or email me at $250 League
  5. Hey will you go to the league page and give input on the draft time? Trying to make it work for everyone.
  6. Its at least an option, but Im not that fond of 10 team leagues.
  7. The $100 league has 10/12 people joined $250 league only has 3/12 so trying to fill the $100 league
  8. 10/12 spots for the $100 league taken. Calling all Non PPR fans...
  9. Glad to have you, but there are still 2 spots left actually. You krazy, old dude!
  10. 8/12 spots filled. Who else is looking for a Non PPR league?? $100 buy in
  11. Invites sent. Go ahead and join the $250 league also, and if it ever fills you can pay on Leaguesafe then.