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  1. If Von Miller can’t go, I’d confidently start him playing in dome over James Washington. CB Devante Harris (no Chris) should be lined up against him and he isn’t a special talent. No Miller, less pressure, more time for deep routes to develop. (Let’s hope Watkins doesn’t look Stills’ way often lol) In theory at least.....
  2. Hmm but it’s easier to run block...compensating for weak OL play with quick passing game from shotgun is effective but that’s if you got a capable QB. If McVay wants to win, he needs to unleash Gurley. Gurley is over 230lb and can wear down opposing defense through 4 quarters. Goff needs his play action to be effective with Cooks missing as well. Especially against Bears defense that features a top tier Safety, Corner and Pass rusher. Just my wishful thinking...
  3. His RAC ability is sneaky good as well. He also works hard. He’s like the sweatiest guy on that team during pre-game warm up.
  4. Corey Davis is a great receiver. Now Tannehill has better talent around him (protection, run game and defense) also and both could have a good season. While Davis didn’t break out last game but secondary that has CB duo of King and Hayward plus S James is a good secondary. Brown is explosive but still not that good of a route runner in my eye so I’m not too worried about him. I’ve had Davis since his rookie year and I might be biased but I think he’ll finally break out. Well, hopefully lol
  5. 10 teams PPR QB, WRx2, RBx2, W/T, W/R I have.... QB Prescott, Allen (had Newton) RB Barkley, Gurley, Henry, Howard WR Hilton, Watkins, AJG, DJax, Marquis Brown, Anderson, Corey Davis TE Kittle Would trading RB Howard and WR Watkins for Josh Gordon worth it? I’ve also received an offer of Gurley + AJG for David Johnson. I’d like to see everyone’s opinion on this. I’d appreciate it!
  6. Watch him on pass pro, I think he looks fine. He wasn’t really a jump cut RB so I’m not sure what some are saying about his side movement isn’t there anymore. Taking on a blitzing defender in pass pro puts a lot of pressure on his knees but he doesn’t shy away from them either (not saying he’s good at it though). Problem is Goff only being able to throw an out route to slot receiver (like Siemian with comeback route to Sanders and Thomas when he was playing for Denver). He isn’t great without effective play action plays. Rams need to utilize more 12 personnel or a FB to counter defenses’ 6 men defensive line formation or something to give a little more space for Gurley. Gurley is great at hitting those little space hard and against 6 men DL, once he does and get to the second level, there’s only a LB and secondary. Or Offensive line men just simply need to win more of their one-on-ones. This offense was great and I believe McVay will figure something out sooner or later. IMO, his knee is fine, usage is encouraging, and offense will find a way to be more efficient sooner or later.
  7. That TD grab Thursday night just changed his fate in NE. It would be stupid even for BB and Brady to not try him more often after seeing that.
  8. They just didn’t need to run him to keep him fresh with that big lead I felt like. Those tricky plays with Cohen will be figured out by coaches in NFL and NFL players are smart enough to recognize them and react quickly. Not too worried about Howard at the moment.
  9. A RB who is 6'3 235LB and can catch passes and useful in pass pro. He might just be something.
  10. As much as I like McFadden, Rod Smith is to be the passing back and this dude is 6'3 240LB. Big guy with good hands and pass pro skills. If I'm Garrett, I'll at least try him out. I'm sure McFadden still has juice but I just don't think the current situation is working in his favor(I have Zeke, McFadden and Smith).
  11. Also if I’m not mistaken, all 5 targets in the first half only.
  12. Some of you probably missed how he caught one of those back shoulder. He made it look easy and natural. Not something you see from a rookie very often. QBs just don’t throw those to a guy they don’t trust. Also he was more open than Decker on his TD catch. This guy is a mega talent.
  13. Orlando Scandrick, Cowboys best CB, plays the Nickle and he’s a pretty good one. This is not going to be Kupp kinda day as long as Scandrick is in the field. Cowboys have young CBs outside and Sammy should see 10 targets or more.
  14. He will line up outside. He's a big play guy. Likely not a crisp route runner who could shake of quick NFL corners in short area or find a soft spot between zone at this stage of career.
  15. Exactly why I'm picking him up. To draft a WR this high in the 1st round in this situation, it's not so you could leave him off the field. This guy's ability to snag jump balls reminds me of Dez except he is 6'5. I doubt they will use him like NO did Colston and Rivers likes to go vertical. Corey Davis missed most practices and plays for a more run oriented offense led by an athletic QB, who also has Walker, Decker and Matthews at disposal, but received 10 targets in his first game which was not a blowout (26-16). Chargers and Rivers aren't shy about utilizing rookies either. Just my opinion.
  16. This guys looks so good. He snatches the ball away from defenders in the air and he's 6'5. He's going to win lots of jump balls. Looks like Vincent Jackson with better hands and RAC ability. Type of WR Philip Rivers likes (and needs ) and I believe he's going to be the red zone guy and deep shot guy for him (Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson in one). I also like the fact that he was drafted at 7th overall even when Chargers already have big guys and fast guys at WR. I'm going to pick him up and see what he does.
  17. Bold prediction : 6 Rec for 106 yards and 2 TDs!
  18. I wouldn't sell him either. This trend looks to continue moving forward because.... 1. He was acquired by a huge trade. That alone is good sign that he will not only be involved but be featured in many plays and will have plays designed for him. 2. Then we saw tonight that he still is an elite player. 3. I was worried about him as he is not on the field including 3rd downs but when he is, he is the 1st read for Goff very often. If he isn't getting doubled constantly, I could see him getting 10+ targets in many games once he learns the system and build more chemistry with Goff. 4. I was concerned about his tough schedule but he lines up in different spots literally every play. X, Z and slot. So I wouldn't worry too much about being shadowed by top corners. Plus they put him in bunch set, making it harder to jam and making it easier for him to get a free release. Just my thoughts.
  19. Zeke Cowboys have been splitting him wide on empty set often to utilize him in passing game a lot more this season. The game flow did not work out in his favor against Denver but he did rush for over 100 against Giants and should continue to dominate running (Both top 5 defenses, imo). The only concern is the amount hits he'll take with increased workload. Bell isn't that far behind though. Hunt's usage is good but he is no Zeke or Bell, at lease at this very moment.
  20. Relax, he'll be fine and don't worry about your future RB1 when he comes back from suspension. is what I keep telling myself lol On a serious note, unless Quizz magically turns into LT, Martin should have his usual touches ( fourth in the league in touches (128) and touches per game (21.3) a year ago when he returned from injury).
  21. Stats don't look good but I liked what I saw tonight though. Didn't really expect to see him inside 5 or close to end zone. Ran routes on passing plays and when he carried the ball he looked good. Kinda hope he'll get more touches when Denver is trailing but from the looks of it, CJA and JC would rotate regardless of the situation. I'd gladly hold on to him.
  22. Hunt looked pretty good but that's all we know for now. Who knows what would have happened if it wasn't a passrush specialist covering him on that long receiving TD or KC's Oline didn't clear the path on that sweep. Great catch on that short TD pass but Andy Reid helped in that also. We need more tapes to see what he's truly capable of.
  23. It's not just rookie TEs. Any TEs, including prowlers like Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzales. They don't break out the first year on the offense. Their floors are high so its not like rookie TEs but they perform better from 2nd year and so on.
  24. Berry is one of the best at covering TEs. Plus he was pulling him and hugging him all game which should have been called. Also Gronk was being doubled often. He'll be fine.
  25. The reason he was questionable was due to his knees. Coaches didn't know how well he could move. a few plays in pre-season is enough to see how his knees are. He looked natural making cuts and we all know what JC can do if his knees aren't bothering him. If he wasn't that good he won't go from almost getting cut to becoming 1B to CJA instantly. 50-50 split is more than possible.