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  1. Didn't realize this guy would only be used between the 20's. [...] Congratulations Mostert and Wilson owners.
  2. Though the Redskins scored only one touchdown in the second half -- and not until six seconds remained -- the offense showed an ability to be explosive. That's not what many expected entering the season -- and it remains to be seen if it continues. If Washington wants to do anything this season, it will have to play a key role. But having a deep threat such as McLaurin and an underneath threat such as Reed will benefit everyone on offense, especially against Dallas. The third-round pick caught five passes for 125 yards and a touchdown against the Eagles. "It minimizes the ability to play single coverage," McLaurin said. "The Cowboys play a lot of man on third downs, so it's a lot of guys [they] have to account for. I played in a system at Ohio State where we had a lot of weapons. It really minimizes the ability to cover everybody single." With Reed, the Redskins like to align three receivers to one side and Reed to the other. In the past, they have targeted Reed in those spots; defenses know this, too. But with McLaurin's speed -- he caught a 69-yarder for a score and was open for what should have been another long touchdown in the opener -- the Redskins can align the rookie inside in those sets and, if the middle is vacated because of attention paid to Reed, then they can find McLaurin. "If a team wants to pack the box up and run some cover zero blitzes on us, you have to show you can beat the corners," Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. "Terry did a great job of that." McLaurin's touchdown also came against man coverage. He said the passing game designed by Gruden and offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell does a good job of "window dressing." "It gets the linebackers out of place, it gets the safeties' eyes moving and by the time the ball is snapped, you've got a fast guy running right by them," he said. The kid understands the game with the maturity of a vet. Seems like he studies the game and puts in the work. Hard work, physical gifts and opportunity are all there with this kid. If his QB can continue to get him the ball, he'll be more than a one game wonder.
  3. He was dropped in my 12 teamer. I had a good week with Rivers in week 1, but with Henry out and Williams banged up this might be a tough game for old Phil on the road vs Detroit. Cousins had 7 TDs/1 INT with 767 passing yards in 2 games vs Packers last season. Packers have a new secondary that played well against Chicago and Trubitsky last week. What's your read on Cousins? Is he startable this week in Stefanski's new run first offense?
  4. "A.J. Green, who followed around his wide receivers in the opening sessions of Thursday’s practice, waited until near the end of the media period before adding the rehab field to his come-back stint. Before changing into cleats and slipping into some resistance bands, he waved to the media from across the Paul Brown Stadium practice fields. Green, who injured his ankle July 27, has stepped up his rehab in the past few days. The boot is off, he’s been simulating drive times while running on the zero-gravity treadmill and now he enters the last phase in daily workouts with Nick Cosgray, the Bengals’ rehab chief."
  5. Good point. Next year, I will schedule my draft after week 4.
  6. I think the kicker forum is at the far edge of the internet.
  7. Sutton was the target hog all night. Sanders came on late in the 3rd and 4th. Caught a late redzone target.
  8. Melvin should have consulted a social media company to force his way out of LA.
  9. AB to the Patriots. 1 year $15 million $9 million guaranteed.
  10. Fair points. But I am not convinced McCoy has declined to plodder status like some would like us to believe. I mean, Spencer Ware was productive in this offense. Spencer. Ware.
  11. He's done just like Adrian Peterson was...or was he? 2017: 129 carries 448 yards (3.5 YPC) 2 TDs 2018: 250 carries 1042 yards (4.2 YPC) 7 TDs All AP did was move on from behind an inept Arizona offensive line to a competent Washington line. What a difference a change of scenery makes.
  12. I'm excited to see a healthy 16-game season from Matt Brieda. He was leading the league in rushing at one point in 2018. And he was more efficient on the ground than 2016 Devonta Freeman. Could be a league winner.