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  1. If you find one please send me invite as well. I have 3 ppl. We're all looking for a yahoo $100 snake h2h
  2. Hey, I have 3 ppl looking to join a draft tonight. Yahoo. Snake. H2h. $100. Leaguesafe
  3. Still looking. 3 managers looking for a h2h league with snake draft. Yahoo
  4. Me and 2 others are looking for a sunday draft No faab please Thanks
  5. I have 3 people who would join a $100 H2H league....if you're interested Cool with snake?
  6. Somebody want to start a H2H league? Yahoo - 100$ ish Looks like we have 5 ppl already
  7. Thanks. We are looking for something around the $100 range
  8. Hello. Myself and 3 other managers are looking for a H2H $$ League drafting today or tmrw No points league or auctions Looking for snake draft - leaguesafe