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  1. I see u got 10 so if u get another ill pay asap i just wanna draft tonight wont join if that doesnt happen
  2. If u got 9 lets just do 10 n ill pay asap n not have to worry about 2 more
  3. Cut his a** 2 lol theres 2 people here saying they will pay now
  4. Hows it looking comminsh every1 pay r we good for 630 pt draft?
  5. If u move it 6pm pst im down need leaguesafe info
  6. Just start 1 they will join once u say draft tonight need owners asap already 3 of us
  7. Thats makes 2 of us looking for the same it can be yahoo or espn
  8. I wanna join but i get out of work right at that time if u consider moving it 30 min im in
  9. If you still got spots ill pay once i get the payment info
  10. Anybody need a person under 30 snake draft I'll pay asap
  11. Phenomenon323 you gonna have to change your name if you the commish you should be a commish name don't you think constable Corbin or Foley or even William regal before he join the kiss my a** club lol
  12. Money talks pay to play we got people that haven't paid and commish Foley is willing to socko these dudes out of here for some new blood