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  1. Most “discussion” pages are usually owners panicking due to lack of production.
  2. He looks like if Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfus had a love child
  3. Started Stafford last week and I’m planning to keep platooning with him. Their schedules seem to line up decent enough.
  4. If he’s correctly ruled as having scored a second td last week how many of you are still in panic mode right now?
  5. If Jimmy Smith is still out then I might consider it. They struggled to move the ball against a banged up Jets D and their tds were aided by penalty and a long catch and run by OBJ. Like I said I'm not panicking and I think he eventually gets it going, but I'm lucky enough to have a decent backup to plug in those weeks instead.
  6. It's not time to panic yet but I don't think I'm starting him against the Rams or Ravens coming up.
  7. This is pretty much my thinking, that teams will start to load the box daring the Saints to beat them with their passing game. Thomas can still get open and Teddy's just competent enough to get him the ball. Does anyone have his stats once Teddy came in? Seemed like he still got peppered with targets.
  8. Just please no setbacks. Would suck to get to the 3 week mark then have to be IRed.
  9. Was Conley the one covering him last night? That would explain why he had success later in the game.
  10. The 6-8 week timetable seems the most realistic. Mentally preparing myself for the worst case scenario.
  11. Silver lining for Montgomery owners is the Bears put up a whopping 3 points trying to put the game on the arm of Mitch, Montgomery flashed when he did touch the ball, Davis didn't do much with his touches either. Better days should be ahead.
  12. Even if he's listed as #3, who's to say it isn't a bit of gamesmanship there to try and throw off the Packers.
  13. So is Darrell Williamsn completely out of the picture? Wasn’t he hyped as the rb to own before Damien took the job?
  14. Didn't they have CJ last year and then end up releasing him because he was barely used? This seems more like Breer coming to this conclusion rather than what the coaching staff actually means.