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  1. I think at least 100 total yards and a touchdown is a realistic result today.
  2. From what I understand Bourne was the Garcon replacement and Pettis was the Goodwin replacement. Currently trying to decide who'll have the bigger game with both starting.
  3. Need help with a late WR replacement in one of my deep leagues (standard). Top WRs on the wire imo: Willie Snead Curtis Samuel Quincy Enunwa/Robby Anderson Danny Amendola/Devante Parker Kendrick Bourne/Dante Pettis Dede Westbrook So yes I'm going dumpster diving. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Because they’re the Browns. Idiots even ADDED a pick in addition to moving Gordon.
  5. Any word on his finger injury? Obviously I don’t think it’s a huge deal since they just taped it up and he stayed in the game but did they say what happened there?
  6. https://nesn.com/2018/11/ian-rapoport-explains-how-his-eventually-wrong-josh-gordon-report-came-to-be/ Wonder if there'll be any repercussions for this still or is Rapoport just talking out of his a** to save face.
  7. He’s matchup and qb proof. Definition of a set and forget player.
  8. This feels like when they traded for Roy Williams all over again.
  9. I mean he did admit he was gassed towards the end of the run and it looks like he runs out of juice at the 15-20 yard line.
  10. We're just used to seeing him take those plays to the house so that's where the disappointment/confusion comes from. He's already clarified that he was gassed so it's a moot point now. Still another encouraging performance to build on.
  11. I'm hoping it's more an issue of conditioning/being gassed like others here have said.
  12. He looked reeeeally slow on that run. Maybe the hammy is more of an issue than we thought.
  13. I’m guessing that’s how he gets hired.
  14. I believe Arians had recently commented that he was baffled at how DJ was being used and stated how they had a lot of success lining him up as a receiver. I’m sure he and leftwich will be in touch (assuming he’s promoted) and that will be one of the things brought up. Leftwich himself saw how they best utilized DJ as he was on the staff in 2016.
  15. At the very least, he was around for DJ's big 2016 season so he should have an idea how to utilize him properly. I'm sure Arians will be reaching out to him as well to offer his advice.
  16. Who replaces McCoy? Leftwich? I think Arians touted him as a possible replacement before he left the team.