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  1. He just doesn’t look right out there. He’s a fair bit slower than he used to be and he still isn’t really in sync with Brady. Every catch is a grind for him. Pats need to figure out what he is at this stage of his career for him to have much fantasy value beyond a bye-week fill-in on match-up based flex.
  2. I am quite down on Conner but there is perhaps a slight overreaction to the split carries. There is no doubt Samuels will have more involvement but a lot of his runs were out of the wildcat formation which just isn’t sustainable. Conner will still be the lead back and I highly doubt it would turn into anything close to a 50/50 split. My main concern with Conner is a combination of the Pitt offense as a whole being predictable/sluggish and Conner not having the the x-factor required to break through that and score consistently. But he’ll still have plenty of opportunities. I’m just worried he can’t make the most of them like last year.
  3. He will be a hard one to sell even after that performance. Very concerning time-share. I feel he’s almost not worth selling because people are quite low on him you’ll get nothing decent in return and may as well roll the dice and ride it out.
  4. Not even sure he fits in the ‘start your studs’ category anymore.
  5. I hated drafting him but based off last year I couldn’t pass him up in the third round. Should’ve listened to my gut.
  6. Can’t believe I’m going to say this about the Browns but I feel like there’s way too many options in that offense before Higgins gets much of the ball. Smith has a similar issue but overall it’s still a better situation in my opinion. Would stick with Smith personally.
  7. Thanks man, appreciate the feedback! Forgot to mention it’s 1PPR which I’ve never done before. Might put Ebron in then, I’m not personally confident in either but thought Hockenson might have more upside.
  8. Hi all, My draft didn’t shake out as intended, auto draft kicked in for two of my picks and I am worried about it. Should I be targeting a high end WR or TE to balance it out a bit? I feel like I am banking on some more unknown commodities like Godwin, Conner, Jones, Hockenson without true top end talent aside from McCaffrey. Any guidance would be great, or am I overreacting? QB: Brees RB: McCaffrey, Conner, Jones, Michel, Howard WR: Thielen, Godwin, Shepard, Ridley, Gordon TE: Hockenson, Ebron K: Badgley DST: Browns/stream Will help in return!!
  9. Boom, so glad I traded for him after a couple of down games. Despite the negativity in this thread he’s only gone under 10 points in standard twice this year. Trading him for Mixon straight up is straight up crazy. Should have been able to get something else thrown in.
  10. 10 team league. I have no idea why he fell so hard, couldn’t believe it. After first tier WRs went off the board the position was left for a while and someone started a run on QBs and then TEs. Very lucky I guess. I have to admit as well, not a lot of people in my league are as on then pulse with NFL as I am so that certainly helps.
  11. I mentioned this in an assistant coach thread recently - the thing about Michel is that without Hill he is the only true RB left on the team. Rex and White are both great passing backs but struggle in the run game and when relied upon, Rex rarely delivers on the ground. Michel will get plenty of opportunities because he can do both, the only issue here is health - and I would also temper expectations this week though, they may test the waters on him and see how he fares without giving him the ball too much. Fingers crossed, assuming most people on here didn't draft him all that high he could pay dividends down the stretch.
  12. I don't like what it does to your WR's. Your RB's are strong and when Ingram gets back you'll be set anyway. I'd stay put.
  13. Cooks likely will be what Cooks was last year, the biggest difference is his draft position making him outstanding value. Last year he was still good, albeit inconsistent. This year he fell to me in the 8th round and I couldn't be happier. He'll be my flex all year long barring injury. For those who have never owned Cooks before, however, beware you will get a few stinkers in there. It's just who he is.
  14. I would see what I have in Michel to be honest. You are looking for a backup and DJ/Lewis will sit ahead of either so I would rather keep the player with higher reward potential and I see that as being Michel. Alfred Morris is what Alfred Morris is and I don't see the payoff nearly as high as Michel's potential. Another thing to consider about Michel is that he is really the only true RB on the team, pending the outcome of the Hill injury. Rex and White are both passing backs and struggle in traditional run plays, so I predict Michel will get plenty of snaps once healthy.