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  1. Yea, i like that trade. i would do it. thomas is gonna blow up soon. and hyde gonna regress
  2. 12-0.5 ppr I need 1 player for Flex Doug Martin, Duke Johnson, Ty Montgomery, or Kelvin Benjamin? Thanks!
  3. i would take that deal NOW! jordy is a good player but without rodgers.... i dont know. just dont see him doing well ros without him
  4. i would go with ginn for sure and either hilton or doctson as the 2nd. but im leaning more towards doctson as it looks like the skins are committing more to him.
  5. doesnt diggs being back hurt rudolph targets?
  6. i wouldnt do the trade. ajayi just doesnt look like he will do well ros. like the others said, agholor instead of giving away landry is the better trade for you. or....since you are 7-0 just play your other 2 rbs during bell/gordon bye week.
  7. i would go with option #2. although reed is back he is too injure prone so any game he can get injured easily. henry seems like the better bet to play ROS
  8. Do i still play Rudolph with Diggs looking like he is back to play or play Witten? 0.5 ppr
  9. seems like Kroft is Cin #2 guy behind Green. witten over kroft? really? hmmm kroft gets more RZ targets
  10. Should i pick up Kroft over Witten and would Kroft be a reliable TE over Witten?
  11. fleener? really? he hasnt been getting any looks or enough looks. with snead coming back, so many mouths to feed. i dont know....
  12. hmmm no love for higbee? he has been getting a lot of targets. i was thinking dickson higbee or hooper any other suggestions?