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  1. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    That's considered combining teams, IMO, which is perhaps a subset of collusion or perhaps a separate non-competitive action, but IMHO still violates the spirit of the rule. Essentially you're getting the use of players that aren't legitimately on your team, which is like having an extra roster spot than other teams in the league. And even worse than merely having an extra roster spot, it's like having an extra early/mid round draft pick for that extra roster spot, because the players you're renting from each other are better than the players you'd get off the waiver wire, or you wouldn't do it. IMHO trades should effectively be final. Now, if 4 weeks later, something on either team has changed [injuries, other trades, etc] where there is justification that trading the players back to each other makes sense, that should be evaluated--and scrutinized--by the league commish to make sure it's not a double rental. It's not a hard and fast rule. But double rentals IMHO fall under the taboo trade activity.
  2. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    Doesn't have TE designation on ESPN. Apparently that's only Yahoo as far as I'm aware. And as @CooL mentions, when they do give dual eligibility (like they did with TyMont for WR/RB a few years ago), it lasts the whole season. They never remove eligibility in-season, only add. But yeah, if he had TE eligibility in ESPN, I'd be looking at him as a cuff. Even if I played him in my TE slot and not actually in the RB slot that Conner vacated.
  3. Ricky Seals-Jones 2018 Outlook

    Grabbed him in one league and have an outstanding waiver claim in another since I have Njoku on bye in both. Oakland has been terrible on defense against basically all positions, so it's a good matchup. Only concern is whether the natural limitations of the AZ offense cause him more problems than anything Oakland does. Hoping for the best.
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Guys, dropping him? Are you freaking nuts! He might still come back! There's still a chance. Don't let hope die!
  5. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    In this case I don't think there's a clear cuff. The little I saw in the TNF game, Samuels seemed to better pass the "eye test", but IMHO you'd have a committee if Conner went down.
  6. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    I suppose this is official enough to put the final nail in the coffin and end this thread?
  7. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Yep. Even with Conner on my roster, and the points lead in my main league, I'm still 5-5 and fighting for the playoffs. But I'll tell you that I'm *damn* glad Conner will be a part of that playoff push!
  8. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    I guess I don't need to eat any crow
  9. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Gonna need to create a 2019 outlook thread for that...
  10. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    4 more hours until the deadline.
  11. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    You know what bothers me? Fowler, Schefter, Rapoport, all could have read the CBA and figured this crap out in week 2. Where were they all season?
  12. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Correct. No pick.
  13. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    To be eligible for the NFL draft, you need to be three years removed from HS. So he would have had to attend MSU for a minimum of 3 years. Bell did leave early after his 3rd year of college, though, and his Wikipedia entry doesn't mention him graduating in 3.
  14. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    But there's booze.