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  1. Exactly. In my 8-team league, I was at the turn and grabbed Fournette/Gordon. Granted, Fournette didn't exactly pan out, but I feel like what was there at the turn it made sense. In the 12-team league, I was #6 and ended up with AB in the first and M. Thomas in the second. I think they were the best options I had at the spots I was drafting. AB was better than any of the remaining RBs and in the mid-2nd, M. Thomas fell to me and was better than any of the available RBs because people went RB-heavy.
  2. I'd be more willing to reach for TE than in years past. Difference between a top-3 TE and top-12 TE is MUCH higher than difference between top-12 WR and top-24 WR. I think if you can get your RB1 and WR1 in the first two rounds, finding your TE1 next might be ideal. And if you don't get a top-3 TE by that round, might as well wait until the TE wastelands in the late rounds because they're plug and play at that point. But a top TE can get you WR1/WR2 points, whereas everyone below that elite tier is going to get you WR4/WR5 points. And there are ALWAYS some gems for RB or WR in the late rounds and even on the waiver wire, whereas gems at TE rarely pop up nor pan out. I'll still wait on QB, Def/ST and K, but I think if I can get one of the top TEs at either my 3rd or 4th round draft positions, I'd jump on it. But not Gronk. Never Mr. Glass.
  3. In my money league [12-team], I will finish this week probably within single digits of the points lead. Heck, if Josh Adams can't play tonight, I'll be the overall points leader by 0.2 points. And this is a league where top 6 make the playoffs, not top 4. And yet I'm going to finish 6-7 and just outside the playoffs.
  4. I threw out Sunday as the day at which it opened, but I think the actual best option would be that on game day for the teams involved, their players unlock. So the two teams that are playing on TNF (or Thanksgiving games, etc) unlock that day, and then the teams playing Sunday don't unlock until Sunday. Still, I think it's a solution in search of a problem. I honestly don't think it's a big enough issue to even try to fix. For as rarely as things like this happen, the people who don't get the backup can be told "you snooze, you lose."
  5. I honestly agree with him that it's not "fair". The entire point of waivers is that most critical news [injuries/etc] occurs during the games on Sunday/Monday, and they want teams to have a fair shot to pick up players, so the first day after MNF is claiming day and the claims process on Wednesday. The assumption being that demand for a specific player doesn't change much between Tuesday and Saturday. The most "fair" thing to do would be make every day a waiver claiming day [perhaps unlocking on Sunday morning]. That way if midweek news breaks about a player having a critical injury or suspension, everyone has a fair shot at claiming a player who immediately had a MAJOR change to their outlook. That said, you did nothing wrong and in no world should Ware be placed on waivers unless your league settings ALREADY had that. He's just whining.
  6. Pick two in standard: Mike Evans Emmanuel Sanders Brandin Cooks
  7. If you set up scheduling yourself, that's all good. However, this isn't the way ESPN does it. In ESPN leagues, if you have divisions, you play your own division once and you only double up teams in the OPPOSITE division. Which is the dumbest possible thing because it expressly makes divisions worth less than they would be if you played your own division teams more often. If out-of-division games carry more weight than in-division games [as there are more of them], then your division finishes are based more on how you played against the other side than how you played within the division... Last year we almost had a situation where a team missed the playoffs despite having a better record than the champion of the other division. Luckily it worked itself out in the final week of the regular season, and the other division champion won their matchup while the #4 team in the strong division lost theirs. But I made sure that neither of the two leagues I'm in this year used divisions because of that possibility.
  8. My understanding is that they can add a new designation mid-season, but they never pull it mid-season. They don't want to put us in a situation where we draft or acquire a player and then find out he's no longer eligible for the position we originally acquired him for.
  9. But the key question is *IF* he gets the bellcow role. If I was sure of him getting the bellcow role, I'd consider cuffing Conner in an ESPN league where there is no TE designation. I think he'll be in a RBBC with Ridley. If he's in RBBC, I still think he'd be worthwhile in the TE slot. If he's the bellcow, he probably has high-end RB2 value at the very least.
  10. Tyler Boyd or Marvin Jones Jr in the flex? Worried about Boyd and the entire Cincy offense without AJG. Worried about whether MJJ can even play, or if he starts, whether he exits the game early due to his injury and pain management.
  11. CSB. But you have to understand, this isn't the AC forum and we're not talking strategy for your team--we're talking in general. Only two teams in each league have an Ertz or a Kelce. I would agree that if you have a top-flight TE like that, Samuels doesn't make sense. But for all the other teams in a league [and I include the Gronk owner because he could miss time too], a starting RB with a TE designation is a high-floor option. TE is a wasteland most of the time. 5/60 is a good line. 3/20/1 is a good line. There are plenty of weeks that any TE not in the top three will see something along the lines of 1/15/0. If Conner goes down, I guarantee Samuels isn't going to have a floor of 2.5 in PPR. He's going to get enough work that I'd put him at RB2 level. And that's VERY valuable in your TE slot compared to a back-end TE1.
  12. How about 4-6 in an 8-team league? 2nd in points. 2nd in PA. Currently 41-28-1 against the whole league, but fighting like hell just to make the playoffs. 5 2 3 4 3 4 2 5 7 0 5 2 2 5 6 0 1 5 2 3 4 One of the things that's killing me is that weeks 1 and 9, when I was 5-2 against the league, I was facing one of those 2 so those were losses.