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  1. nope, you can't. make a yahoo account quickly. I just did; it takes like 10s
  2. oh boy... one second, I'm going to see if I can get you in. can you play on yahoo?
  3. too late unfortunately. ESPN requires the league to lock members 1 hour before draft time.
  4. I'm running a $30 ESPN PPR Snake draft tonight at 6pm EST. 2 spots.
  5. I'm running a $30 ESPN PPR Snake tonight at 6pm EST. drop an email and I'll invite. Looks like we have 2 spots available
  6. I'm running a $30 ESPN PPR Snake at 6pm EST tonight. something you'd be interested in?
  7. Here are the league's logistics: 8 teams $30 buy in $100 FAAB for in season acquisition Rosters: 2QB, 3RB, 5WR, 2TE, 3FLEX, 8BN payout: 1st $120 2nd $60 3rd $30 reg season points $30 Leaguesafe: We have 2-3 spots left. Drafting at 6pm EST (3pm PST).
  8. anyone on this thread, feel free to join that league as well. as for me, I've never played a dynasty league and wasn't planning on starting this year. Also, if I'm going to, it's going to have no K/DST, and be superflex with 3wr 2 flex and maybe te premium