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  1. I'm starting him, snap count, soreness, or anything else be damned. It isn't like my other WR options are going to do any better.
  2. I drafted Tyreek/Diggs as my WR1/WR2, with Lockett and Gordon as my backups. Aside from 1 good game out of Lockett, you can guess how well the WR portion of my team is doing...
  3. I lost Hill in week 1. Brees in week 2. Saquon in week 3. Now Gallman in week 5. Sometimes I hate FF
  4. I'll be special and say Monty. Chicago is going to try and establish/focus on the run with Trubisky out and that means plenty of touches for Monty who eventually has to have his breakout game.
  5. 1. Landry - SF gives up a ton of points in the air 2. Henry - I dont trust anyone on the Cincy offense right now 3. Freeman 4. TY and Winston Thanks for the help with mine earlier.
  6. Robinson. As long as Hill is out, any of the trio of KC wideouts is a good start. Plus he has a better matchup than Allison. Thanks for mine earlier.
  7. Thanks for the help with mine earlier. I'd pick up Fuller. Looking at his next four weeks, he has a much easier schedule than Anderson does. Robby has been totally underwhelming this year so far, too.
  8. Brissett. He has been surprisingly good and this week should be a barn burner with KC.
  9. As long as Hill is out you have to start Sammy, IMO
  10. 10 man .5 ppr league. Diggs has a mouthwatering matchup but has... issues ... and Gallman is gonna get the carries but has a terrible matchup. Thanks.
  11. I like Hollywood, Woods, and Boyd of this group.
  12. McCoy. He's going to get a bulk of the carries in a high scoring game, and will probably see even more carries late when KC has the game in hand.
  13. I don't like Robinson. I don't know if Trubisky and the Bears offense waking up last week was a fluke or not, but I don't trust it yet. Same goes for Diggs. Minnesota is all in the on the run first offense, and Theilen is there too... Samuel by default. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. It's a huge gamble if you think this week is the week the season-long trend of NE not allowing any offensive TDs is going to change. I'd start Brisett.
  15. Of this group, Gurley - The Lions have allowed over 100 yards on the ground per game this year, and the KC game today figures to be a barn burner with Shady getting plenty of late work. Chubb has a tough matchup but if Baltimore keeps Cleveland out of the air, he's going to get a lot of carries. Gurley, sadly, seems to be on the decline. If you have a brief moment...