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  1. BUMP Anyone else? Sit Kittle and start both CJ Anderson AND Samuels, or play Kittle and start Samuels or Anderson?
  2. CJ. Arizona gets shredded by opposing RBs, he's got the best matchup of any of these options.
  3. I played it safe and started two other options (McGuire, Jamaal Williams) in RB1 and RB2, now with Gurley officially out, what would you do with this TE/Flex situation? Jaylen Samuels (can be Flex OR TE) CJ Anderson (Gurley's backup) George Kittle Would you sit Kittle and start both Anderson and Samuels, or play it safe and leave Kittle in at TE and start Samuels or Anderson? WHIR!
  4. Rivers 100%. Cincinnati's defense is utterly hapless. Not to mention the weather in TB is not conducive to passing.
  5. LAR/CHI is going to be a shootout. Trubisky is going to put up a lot of yards.
  6. Samuels because he's got a massive matchup against Oakland, and McCoy, only because there are far too many question marks (ie., other guys getting touches) in NE to trust Michel.
  7. Luck 100% Aside from last week, Luck is a lock for ~25 points all year.
  8. Trubisky, Ingram, Diggs. Chi/LAR is going to be a shootout and Trubisky is going to put up some big yards. Ingram, no matter how much he splits with Kamara, in that offense is a must start. Diggs is also a must start.
  9. Samuels and DJ. Samuels has a prime matchup as the lead back and DJ is Arizona's only "trustworthy" offensive weapon.
  10. Samuels has a superior matchup and is as much of a "sure thing" for massive production out of a waiver wire add as we've seen all season.
  11. Drake. Don't go chasing last week's points with Pettis.
  12. Latest on Gordon is they are targeting him coming back against the KC in week 15. Whether he has his full workload or not, either way spells trouble for Jackson. At least for this week, it looks like Samuels is getting a bulk of the carries for Pit. If you're going to consider Ridley, see how the game today plays out. If you do anything from your list, I'd say drop Houston for Godwin, but he doesnt have very good matchups the next two weeks. Even if he did, I'm not sure I'd start him over Gordon anyway. I vote stand pat.
  13. I feel like Samuels is as much of a "sure thing" to be super productive for a waiver wire pickup as we've seen all season. I'd start him with massive confidence in that matchup with Oakland* *Full disclosure, I'm starting him too
  14. Samuels and Wilson. Samuels is going to get a bulk of the carries against a terrible Oakland run defense. I start Wilson over Jackson because Wilson is a lead back with Breida out while Jackson is in a committee (if not the backseat) to Ekeler. That's way too iffy a situation to trust.
  15. Honestly, it sounds like Diggs won't play. You should play it safe and start Fitz. Of course Diggs can still play, but you're taking a huge risk by leaning on him here.