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  1. Still looking! Feel free to reach out to me via email or reply here/PM if interested.
  2. Still looking for managers for next year! Very fun league and enjoyable setup. Let me know if you have interest. Thanks everyone!
  3. Emails sent to both of you. One owner has joined and I'm looking for 3 more. If you are interested in this type of league and are active, please let me know by replying here, sending a PM, or emailing me. We'd love to have you! Thanks everyone for showing interest!
  4. Hey everyone, We have had a very successful first season so far, but I will be looking for 3 replacement owners to take over vacant teams due to owners having to leave. You would be able to take over a team and prepare it during the off season for the upcoming 2019 season and beyond. If you have interest in this type of league (see original post for more info) and will be very committed/active, please let me know and reply here or PM me. We do have a Pro Boards for the league and we utilize Fantrax as well. Thanks!
  5. Still have one replacement team available for an active and willing owner! theoutlawtorn, I sent you an email.
  6. I have one team remaining that needs replaced. David and Mike, I reached out to you both via email to see if you are still interested.
  7. Hey everyone, The league is off to a great start this year. Unfortunately, we have 2 managers who have stopped checking in and we need to replace these teams. If you're interested in taking over a team, please reach out to me by replying here, sending me a private message, or emailing me (original post above has some league and contact info). I can get you into the league right away, so you can start running the team and become familiar with the rules. Only looking for serious managers that will remain active and have an interest in this type of league. Thanks so much!
  8. 5 openings left! If you have interest, feel free to reach out to me as soon as possible. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for showing interest! Email sent!
  10. UPDATE: We have filled up half the league! Looking for 8 more quality, active owners that are interested in running a dynasty team for the long term! If you're interested in this type of league, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks so much!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm looking to form a new dynasty/salary league for the 2018 season. I have a set of rules in place, but I will list the basic stuff for now and work through getting the rest of the rules out there once the league starts to form and we get a good group of owners. Here's the basic setup for the league: Teams: 14-16 (I'm aiming for 16 teams) Categories: 6x6 H2H (team with most categories won during the week gets the win) Lineups updated daily Provider: Fantrax (I have not used it before, but have heard great things about it and I know you can update salaries, minors, etc through it) I will probably create a Proboards message board for additional league communication as well. Rosters: - 25 man roster and 25 man minor league roster - Roster setup is C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, RP with unlimited DL. - You keep all of your players, but will manage around your salary cap using MLB player's real life salary - As stated above, the player salaries are based on the player's actual current year real life MLB salary. We will use Cots baseball contracts for determining each player's current season salary - Each team will start off with a specific cap limit to work with (the specific number is still to be determined) We will initially complete 2 separate drafts (one for our MLB players and another for the minor leaguers) to kick off the league. Once we get past year one into the off season (this will be for each off season going forward), we will hold an off season auction for available free agents and a 5 round minor league draft. I can go into more detail about the auction process when we get the league underway. If you have serious interest, are very active/motivated with fantasy baseball, and want to be involved in a great league, then feel free to email me (csportsfan at yahoo) or PM me/reply to this post with your interest in joining. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions as well. I have participated in past leagues with a similar setup and it is great fun! Come join and lets put together a great, fun, competitive league!