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  1. In before they are 5-5 without Mahommes. GB MINN TENN up next.
  2. I have no idea what the locker room thinks but my opinion is that Andy Reid ruined the year for this team. They had a great working formula all of last year and finally lost to the Patriots because they had no defense. All they needed to do this year was shore up the defense. Reid got cute and messed around with the o-line, messed up the rotation with the running backs by bringing in his lover boy and exposed his all star quarterback until his leg was almost snapped in half. The team planned and practiced during the entire off-season/ pre-season with a certain identity and all of the sudden the entire focus became bringing McCoy up to speed on things, getting McCoy familiar with protections, getting McCoy more carries. Rather than focusing on more important issues, all of the attention went to McCoy. Well now all Reid has left is McCoy and he still stinks.
  3. I dunno what's been going on in this thread, but I like chase =P and glad I started him last week. Who knows what will happen fantasy wise moving forward.
  4. David has one catch so he was at least playing at one point.
  5. I’m holding brown and chase for the entire season. Gurley and D.J. are both going to break down.
  6. The last two pages belong in the Assistant Coach Forum. You're not being clever by sliding it in here.
  7. The quad bone's connected to the, Knee bone the Knee bone's connected to the, calf bone, the calf bone's connected to the, ankle bone Yes i know some of those are soft tissues, just play along with the song. The point is everything is connected and the injuries will add up. This is the beginning of the end.
  8. 4 members that I will be ignoring from now on haha.
  9. Darwin hasn't been given a legit opportunity and expecting him to pan out by week 3 was a mistake. We've at least seen Chase perform on this team in real games, the most recent one being last week.
  10. Not being able to sit down was just after the game. There have been no mentions of that pain since then that I am aware of.
  11. I believe McCoy is the the smallest looking one too. Damien and Darrel appear bigger on screen than I imagined.
  12. Right? He's got the same casual look to the way he runs. Seeing the hole opening, hitting the gas, juking all looks very smooth and second nature. Don't know where Fordham is but we do have highlights from week 13 last year, and also this past weekend. What he's shown so far in those NFL games is exactly what you see in the Fordham highlights which is him seeing the hole, reacting, then bursting up field.