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  1. To all those thinking about starting the Bears think back to Green Bay's 1985 Sunday night game against Chicago when the Bears held Green Bay to 7 points. Another Sunday night game at Green Bay. Just sayin...
  2. They're both risky plays but I would take Luck@Cincy over Mahomes@Chargers. This is coming from someone who drafted Mahomes as QB1, but sitting him Week 1 to see what he's got against a stingy Chargers defense. It will be a good test for him and solidify my reasoning for the rest of the season hopefully!
  3. That's the plan. My idea was to steal Ajayi and trade him for a WR that wasn't available to me in the draft. Unfortunately, I shot myself in the foot drafting Zeke and Freeman together with dual Week 8 byes. Now I'm nervous about letting him go until Mack's situation is clearer. I'm not a huge Freeman fan either but he was the most consistent pick on the board when he fell to me. I ran with Thielen last year. We had our ups and downs but I really like Kirk Cousins so here's to hoping they develop some good rapport early this season. Team 2's league doesn't posses half of the thinking power that Team 1's league has so it was a much smoother ride. QBs and TEs coming off the board early allowed me to stack some nice picks. I wanted to land Burton late, but he was scooped up quick so I let Reed fall to me really late. Here's to hoping he stays healthy as Alex Smith's safety valve.
  4. Personally I would put Stafford over Rivers but I agree with the rest.
  5. I wouldn't do it personally. Julio is an elite talent but I feel like this Falcons team still has to prove they can run Sarkesian's offense effectively. Barber doesn't excite me at all even though he will have volume as the starting RB. I've gotten sucked into that Tampa Bay RB dumpster fire in the past. I wouldn't make that mistake again. There's just too many question marks around Julio/Barber when Hopkins is a sure thing year-in and year-out now.
  6. I came into this thread to tell you to pull that trigger until I saw Freeman added. I would keep shopping Gronk around and report back when you have more offers.
  7. Honestly I would be shopping those WRs around for an elite RB. You have plenty of depth. If I were to pick one WR for your initial question I would go with Jeffrey.
  8. I agree with all of this. I like Williams too but I'm not putting a RB against that Chicago front seven until I see them in action. That defense is gonna be NASTY this year! Keeping Thompson over Moore is a no brainer to me. AP will likely start to break down through the season, giving Thompson more and more looks.
  9. I'd go with Roethlisberger even on the road for now. Something tells me Luck is going to be nervous in the pocket for atleast his first few regular season games back in pads.
  10. There's just something majestic about Mahomes to me. He's got the arm. He's got the coach. He's got the weapons. We'll see if he has the brains I suppose! Definitely a risky move, but I'm not too torn up about it. Tyrod is just a Week 1 pickup for me to fill in while we see what Mahomes does. I like his matchup with Pittsburgh. Should keep him passing to keep up.
  11. I would stick with what you have for now. Robby is gonna have a tough week matched up with Darius Slay but he's your best bet in this list. Crowder had a solid game against Arizona last year and I expect that trend to continue with Alex Smith under center. I really like Golladay and Williams to have better years in 2018, but I need to see it with my own eyes before I blindly put stock into them.
  12. Ugh! What a dumpster fire! Bortles started to get really hot towards the end of the season last year, but he started off really slow. Fournette is going to be the centerpiece for that offense in the foreseeable future. Matty Ice has as tough a matchup as they come this week, in an offense he clearly hasn't excelled at yet, but he's still the best QB in this conversation with superior weapons to Bortles. I'll take Matt Ryan while gritting my teeth purely based on my opinion that he will be throwing a lot tonight. I took a risk and drafted Mahomes late as my QB1 personally. I just wouldn't start him Week 1 against the Charges before I see what kind of mistakes he's prone to making. I believe the Chargers defense will give us a good look at that.
  13. Ryan is a risky QB after what we saw in the Sarkesian offense last year. We still don't know which Matty we're getting this year. I hope for your sake he bounces back! Your WRs are crazy solid but RBs are a bit lacking. Jones, Breida, Murray, and Penny all have a chance to step in and pay off later on in the season. You're in boom or bust territory.
  14. Step away from Fantasy and take a deep breath. Let the Bell situation play out.