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  1. I'm in a deep league and he was dropped. Is there a reason why he isn't IR-eligible on ESPN? He is clearly out for at least a month.
  2. This is a clear buy low situation. I think we actually learned more than most in here let on. Clement is a non factor, Sproles is not taking away a huge split of touches. As the night went on, Howard's tendency to run into the pile was painfully obvious. Sanders had more carries and got 4 targets in the passing game. Most people will see the fantasy points/yards and be disappointed but I think the arrow is pointing up. I think the Goedert injury is big for this team because they were only carrying 2 TEs on the active roster. Their OL is talented, I think they'll get the running game going soon.
  3. D Monty- as a big college football fan, I always felt he was a special football player Breida -ADP in the 120-150 range and I expect him to have 60% of the carries by Week 3 if he stays healthy Cook- I'm just all about the talent and he has fallen to the 3rd in both of my redrafts E Sanders- I get the achilles concerns, but he is consistently a top 20 WR and you can get him as the 50th WR off the board, well worth the risk
  4. Same, and this is from someone that has laughed at him being taken in the 1st and early 2nd in previous years. The 3rd is great value, that price point justifies the injury concerns because the upside is 1st round quality.
  5. Bill O'Brien said he was good to go for Week 1.
  6. He's the real deal folks. I was really bummed when I missed out on him in my dynasty startup last weekend. I think they are clearly grooming him to take over for Alshon after this year. As others have said, he should be next man up if the Eagles have any injuries in their receiving corps.
  7. I don't watch the preseason, but I'm not on the boat that Hunt was only the product of the KC offense. He has that rare ability to get to his top gear quick after being knocked off balance. He's not Saquan, but I also don't think he leaves a lot of yards on the field. The size/speed limitations that he has are for the most part negated by his ability to not waste any motion. I don't think he is going to takeover the Cleveland backfield this year, but I drafted him in the 80s of my dynasty league with the expectation that he will be a lead back elsewhere next year in a RB needy organization.
  8. For the most part, I hate drafting from the New England backfield, but Michel is an exception for me. When he has played, the volume has been there, and he is a talented RB that can make the most of that opportunity. If he gets 15 carries, which seems to be around the floor, adding a little extra work in the passing game should have him close to the top 10 RBs. I think the shift towards a run heavy offense for the Pats was established last season and I only expect that to continue. The only wildcard for me is the usage of James White in the red zone. His ADP has him as the 25th RB off the board, if the knee issues don't pop up, I expect him to exceed that easily.
  9. His ADP keeps creeping up. He has been productive when given a heavy workload and was one of the more consistent performers over the 2nd half of last season. I think he's similar to the stable floor that defines Lamar Miller but with a higher ceiling week to week. I think he may lose some carries to Penny(15-20 instead of the 25 late season last year), but will make up the difference in the passing game.
  10. Guice is uber talented. Obviously, RBs coming off of ACL injuries have a history of lingering hamstring issues, but at his current ADP, where mainly cuffs are available, I'll gladly take a shot on a high upside player like Guice. As good as AD is, he's 34 and has played through a variety of injuries in recent years, unfortunately, I think the odds are high that he misses considerable time in 2019.
  11. I generally agree with this sentiment, but Goedert has some standalone value and will be a top 5 TE if Ertz gets hurt. He's a genuinely talented TE in an offense that will target the position frequently. As for Reed, I think he'll likely be a top 10 TE when healthy, but I'm not sure that justifies a spot on the bench, unless the bench is 12 deep.
  12. I wouldn't discount him being insurance for the WR corps as well. Coutee and Fuller have not shown they can stay healthy. He also projects to be a very effective runner out of shotgun.
  13. I'm up by 15 going into the final week of my 8 team PPR league. I have some tough decisions to make in my starting lineup. QB: Ryan or Luck? RB: 2 of CMC, Cook, Conner, Saquon WR: 2 of Julio, TY, Hill TE: Kittle or Ertz? FLEX: 1 of the remaining skill position players What would your starting lineup look like? Any confirmation on CMC's status for this weekend?
  14. I'm up by 38.9 going into MNF in my PPR league. I have CMC and Saints D/ST and my opponent has Cam and Lutz. I'm thinking the smart play is just starting CMC because my opponent needs a big game from Cam which would likely result in negative points for Saints D/ST. Just looking to see what others' thoughts are on this scenario.
  15. I’d go Hilton and Diggs. This late in the game, I’m riding the studs.