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  1. Joe Ingles 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I think it's possible he can get to 15 points and 3 triples a game. He was at 2.5 last year. 15 points is prob his ceiling since he hardly gets to the ft line. FWIW he averaged 10.8 points before ASB last year and 13 points after. So, there is a trend here with him being a bit more aggressive and or looking to shoot more.
  2. BIG keeper trade! 100% WHIR

    Take the deal. Middleton is a top 30 player and has very little risk. KP does posses more upside but obviously much greater risk and or uncertainty. Give me the sure thing.
  3. Opposing teams probably wouldn't mind that....he's about as bad from 3 as Russ and plays sub par defense.
  4. Was barely a top 100 player per-game last year in 9-cat. Now in a worse situation. Not sure why anyone would anyone be optimistic about his outlook.
  5. One bad game and the "I told yo so types" come out to play. People freak out and regret picking him. Good stuff as always from the RW forum.
  6. Drop Batum for Cedi Osman ?

    Doesn't have the best fantasy game....when Lauri is back Portis takes a big hit. Cedi has clear value all year.
  7. Drop Batum for Cedi Osman ?

    As said above Portis is the clear drop.
  8. We shall see what comes out with Rondo and CP3...both have always been that kind of guy. I don't really care who started what there...kinda fun to see some beef and them get to go at it for a bit. Sometimes dudes are gonna fight...just how it is. Ingram the biggest punk out of all this imo. Shove Harden in the back, bow up to the ref ( really?), and then run down court 40 feet to throw some cheap shot. What a joke.
  9. Had a league fall through tonight due to ESPN being terrible. Long story short, we couldn't draft and rescheduling for everyone didn't work. While I don't like the idea of drafting after the season has started it seems to be my best option at this point if I want to add another league. On night shift this month so can't draft during the week. Would need to be next weekend. Looking for at least 12 teams, H2H is preferred, at least $50 buy-in. If anyone has one and or decides to get one going please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Dynasty Trade

    Lillard...not close.
  11. Trade Lillard for McCollum? - WHIR

    Lillard is a stud. CJ is good but he simply isn't on that level. Sure, gaining a round on the pick is nice but it clearly hurts your chances to win this year. Hold.
  12. Trade Help!

    Definitely a pass.
  13. Harden for Irving and Ayton?

    No, Harden is being taken 2nd behind AD is pretty much any he should be. The difference between him and even like a mid to late 2nd round guy like Kyrie is massive.
  14. Harden for Irving and Ayton?

    No way, not even close. Harden is a monster.