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  1. I think we can all agree the outcome that he doesn’t play, for whatever reason, is the safe bet here. Plain and simple. For all we know AD gives the entire organization middle finger in 5 minutes. But we do know this situation is a mess.
  2. NBA refuted the 100k per-game report. Even if he plays in the AS game it seems inevitable he gets another “injury” and or sits out for most of if not all their remaining games.
  3. Damian Lillard 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Goes 8/12 in the second half and ends up with a great line. Thanks Dame.
  4. Dion Waiters 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Points and 3's...usually bad percentages. I have him in a deeper league where the wire is thin and I can use those stats. Outside of that I don't expect much...never had a fantasy friendly game. Great line tonight though, obviously.
  5. Francisco Lindor 2019 Outlook

    Calf strains can be tricky...gotta make sure it's right before he comes back. I am assuming he has a grade 2, which are typically 4-6 weeks, and they are just going to be extra careful to make sure it's not something that creeps back up.
  6. Jahlil Okafor 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I think it depends on team needs and or what's available. Obviously hard to predict what's going on here game to game. Powell was dropped in one after he wasn't great right after the Jordan trade...I won the FAAB bid this morning and Okafor was my drop. I do have Okafor in my 14 team league with 5 bench. Wire fairly thin so I am holding there.
  7. Basically, just give Brolo some respect....lol. FWIW I like both and both can shoot. I’m sure we can agree on that.
  8. Niko shot better last year than this year with basically the same roster in NO outside of Randle. Maybe it’s just reasonable to think he shot over his head after going to NO last year since he is a career 35.9% shooter from deep. So, it’s not really safe to assume his percentage will improve for the reason you mentioned. If so then how do you explain last year after the trade? He always kinda run hot and cold anyways. Regardless at this point he’s not a much better shooter Lopez. They are now pretty even in that regard. Lopez has changed his game and is a big threat from deep now. The stats don’t lie.
  9. A lot better than Lopez? No he’s not. Lopez is shooting better from deep than him this year. He’s 38.7% where as Niko is at 36.8%. Regardless he takes a hit on a per-game basis. I do agree it’s good in the sense that he should be on the court now...no “rest” risk. But, projections on BM just dropped roughly 50 spots. 18/7 on that team seems pretty ambitous man.
  10. As a PG owner there is no way I would move him for Kawhi.
  11. I grabbed him hoping they move Bev, which seems pretty likely now.
  12. I get it's frustrating but he's not going to just sit out for the next 2 months or so. He's either not quite healthy just yet, or they are holding him out until the deadline. So, he may not be back in a week.
  13. Just dropping by to show this dude some love. Own him on both my roto teams....key piece to those teams being successful thus far. The triples and blocks are just so sexy.
  14. How so? It's at 29.1 the last two weeks.
  15. Wolves are signing Canaan to a 10-day contract. Could mean nothing or could mean Teague will be out a while longer.