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  1. Marte or Trea ROS?

    Go with Marte.
  2. Nola 4 Altuve? WHIR

    Do the deal. Altuve is a stud.
  3. Trade help please?

    You may know by now, but Richards got hurt. So, obvious pass. FWIW I think it was a pass regardless.
  4. Trade Help

    I would do the deal. Cast is legit, you get the stats you need, and all signs point to to DET trading Greene. So, you won't really take a hit in the saves department.
  5. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    For those that may be interested here are his 162 game averages if we were to split them into pre and post ASB. Pre ASB - 96/27/90/7 .303/.416/.517 Post ASB - 98/28/98/7 .327/.446/.562
  6. Johnny Cueto 2018 Outlook

    12 base runners in 5 innings and the velo was wasnt pretty. Prob going to take him a bit, which isn’t surprising. Wait and see would be my approach.
  7. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

    Wouldn't shock me with this dude. Even if he doesn't how confident are we he won't leave after 3 innings? It's a miracle if he goes at least 6 in his starts and comes away healthy.
  8. NBA Summer League 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mitchell was very good in summer league.
  9. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

    My bad idk why I thought it was passed ball. I got up for a bit and thought that's what I heard for some reason. Amazing how often this guy gets hurt.
  10. Yahoo h2h minimum innings

    You lose all pitching cats if you don't hit the minimum.
  11. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

    Looked like he did something when he tried to score on a passed ball. Kept favoring his neck after that. It's always something with him it seems.
  12. Trading jd martinez

    Since you just keep 1 bat and 1 arm I would do it, since it seems like you have another good keeper option in Baez. Flags fly forever...go for it if you think the cats the RP's give you can provide that boost you need to take the title.
  13. Trout trade

    I would hold. Kershaw's back issues are worrisome.
  14. Which catcher ROS, WHIR

    Gotta stick with Grandal.
  15. Mirotic or Gary Harris?

    Easy choice for me...Harris.