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  1. Aj Green owner here, been holding all f%&$ing year. This dude ain't playing this year. Didn't practice today so week 11 is more than likely out. No way he comes back with only 5 weeks to go on a losing team with a rookie QB throwing high over the middle. He wanted the long term deal all along without playing the official holdout card. He was trying to get the Bengals to pay up. He'll be playing somewhere else next year with decent money, but he won't be getting big money. He's injury prone, has missed a whole year of football in his 30's and only played 8 games the past two seasons. Going to say 2 years at 8 million per. And he'll be lucky to get that. IMHO
  2. Darren Waller on bye so starting Olsen with confidence! OK, not really confidence but I am starting him. That should set off warning bells for you all. I also had Robbie Gould on MNF who was hitting 97% of his FG's until I started him. Then he proceeded to miss 2 and have one blocked. Do with this information what you will.
  3. I have Dak going with Rodgers on my bench. Aaron looked better last week while Dak didn't look great. Game is in Dallas though, both teams 3-1. GB defense is good but got lit up by Philly's run game and Wentz killed the blitz. Dallas has at least as good a run game as Philly and Dak can also scramble. Who to play? Both are ranked really close. Leaning towards the home QB.
  4. Starting him over Flash Gordon and Christian Thompson as my Flex.
  5. This is good enough for me! With Saquon out I have to either go with Darrel Williams, Chris Thompson or Flash Gordon. Think if the Chiefs put up 35 on the Lions, DWill should get a decent piece of that. Hoping anyway.
  6. This guy is one fumble away from riding the pine for an entire game. As best he's 50% snaps next game IMHO. Luckily we get AZ so thinking he should still see a solid stat line. I just lost Saquon, so Fournette and Carson are all I have. No one is a bigger fan of this guy than me at the moment. That said....if you're on my fantasy team they're bound to under perform!! 😩
  7. Hoped you all played him. I went with Waller and after 13 receptions and 134 yards I thought I made the right choice. Then Olsen goes and totally studs out!
  8. Nice! You should take the W. Dak looks like a heavyweight so far. He's running and throwing well which is the FF combination we love. Good luck the rest of the way!
  9. Did you go Dak? Looks like Sanders has a better game than Brown. But that was hard to predict. The Bears D has been tough. I sat Rodgers and played Dak. Thinking I’m going to ride Dak for a while. Hope you made out well.
  10. Darnold is out from MNF. Not sure how that plays into your choice for Robby.Would imagine the backup won't be lofting bombs around.
  11. Watson took six sacks against NO. Expect more of the same, with the secondary being better in Jax. Also, with a rookie QB, Jax will be playing ball control a lot more with Fournette. Look at the box scores from last year, Watson had his two worst games of the season vs Jax. The Houston coaches are wanting Watson to dial back the scrambling a bit more as he got punished plenty by a Saints defense that isn't that great. Watson had some back issues during the game too, so be sure to pay attention to any of those reports coming out this week. Watson still has a good game but I think his floor is lower than Dak's. Just my two is hard not to start Watson, just like it's hard to sit Rodgers.
  12. I would target the team that has Hunter Henry. Package a tight end and a WR / RB for one of his higher end WR's. You've got good depth at RB and TE, use it to your advantage.
  13. I do think the Chargers will spread the ball a bit more this week. Jackson getting more looks. Jacksonville will be spreading the ball out a bit more too. Like hand off to Fournette, throw to Fournette and maybe even let Fournette throw. The volume is in Fournette's favor and anywhere near the goal line it's no question he'll get the ball.
  14. If Shepard plays, he's your guy. If not I would roll with Malcom Brown. He's going to get all the tough touches near the goal line. NO gave up 83 yards to Carlos Hyde and that awful Houston offensive line. i would play Ebron against the Titans. Njoku had a decent game against them and they'll be looking to shut down Indy's run game. Make Brissett beat them.
  15. I like Brown. Can see him getting all the touches inside the 5. Don't think they want Gurley getting those tough yards. Darnold is going to go underneath most of the game and that isn't Robby's area. I like Terry but let's see Keenum perform two weeks in a row. Scatling will draw Trae Waynes / Rhodes in coverage. Rodgers didn't look good last week even when he had time. Brown is your guy. NO gave up 83 yards to Carlos Hyde and the sub optimal Houston offensive line this past Sunday.