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  1. You are saying Mixon and Diggs are better than Hunt or other way around? I would be losing Hunt, gaining those two.
  2. 12 teams. 1/2 PPR Before trade: My RBs are Hunt, Barkley, Penny, Royce Freeman and Aaron Jones and some sleepers. My WRs: Hopkins, Cooper, Baldwin, Woods, Agholor, Meridith and Matthews
  3. Would you take Diggs and Mixon for Kareem Hunt in dynasty?
  4. Aaron Jones is on my team. Someone offered my Jamaal Williams for him.
  5. Thanks. I looked over your query but I have nothing to offer - I have no to little knowledge of college players until NFL draft time.
  6. Which player would you rather have in dynasty?
  7. Royce Freeman 2018 Season Outlook

    A third-round pick, Freeman is competing with Devontae Booker and De'Angelo Henderson for work. The most likely outcome is a committee, but Joseph is leaving open the possibility of Freeman winning a featured role. If he does, he will have a good chance to pay off his fifth-round ADP.
  8. I did the trade. Funchess might haunt me, but he likely had his 2017 season amplified by Olsen being out most of it. Olsen will be back and he, DJ Moore and a more experienced McCaffrey will be competing for passes from a QB who does not throw a lot. While Baldwin is in the opposite situation with the Seahawks losing Graham and Richardson and having a QB who has increased his attempts each year. Baldwin should give me more value in WR and Flex flexibility. And unless Funchess breaks odds and has a great year, caasing his price to be too high, he is likely going to stay with Panthers. Likely starting lineup now in 12 team half-PPR league: QB: Goff/Winston RB: Hunt and Barkley WR: Hopkins and Cooper/Baldwin Flex: Baldwin/Penny/Royce Freeman TE: Engram K: Bryant D: Jaguars
  9. Trade for 1.06

    If you think your team will be good, the 1st next year is easy for this year's but the 2.05 is steep.
  10. Trade for 1.06

    Where do you think the 2019 1st will be in the round? I trade a 2019 1st and 3rd for # 7 this year and got Royce Freeman. I think my team will be top 3, so it was likely picks 10-12 and 34-36 next year. If I thought my team would be average or worse, having an mid to earlier pick next year, I would not have done it.
  11. Someone offered me Doug Baldwin for Devin Funchess and Corey Coleman. It is a 12 team, half-PPR dynasty league. I said no because I think Funchess is better prospect long term and Corey Coleman might do something if Mayfield works out. I could try to see if the person still wants to trade. Which Baldwin or Funchess & Coleman would you rather have in dynasty? My WR are: Hopkins, Cooper, Funchess, Robert Woods, Agholor, Meredith, Coleman and some other names. My RBs are: Kareem Hunt, Barkley, Penny, Royce Freeman, Aaron Jones and some backups. My team will likely start 3 RBs almost every week, so it will just start two WRs.
  12. 2018 Rookie Draft Discussion

    I had three going into the draft from trades during last season, then I traded Chris Thompson for the late 1st round pick to take Mayfield. All my RBs are young: Hunt, Barkley, Penny, Freeman and Aaron Jones. I figured Thompson would be n bench pretty much always and I thought Mayfield would be better long term than Thompson.
  13. 2018 Rookie Draft Discussion

    In my recent dynasty rookie draft, here is how the first round went - all RBs except 2 WRs and a QB Barkley, Chubb, Guice, Penny, Jones Michel, Freeman, Moore (WR), Ridley (WR) Johnson and Mayfield. I would up getting Barkley, Penny, Freeman and Mayfield.
  14. Rookie RBs 2-6? (WHIR!)

    1) Guice/Penny/Chubb (not sure which is better long term) 2) Jones 3) Freeman
  15. Thanks for replies. I went Freeman.