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  1. Yeah I guess Andrews makes even more sense. He would mitigate the risk that Desean Jackson might change the passing approach of Eagles, which could de-emphasize the receiving TE play for the Eagles.
  2. On a team with Zach Ertz, so hopefully equal transition to Goedert if Ertz got hurt, would you drop Goedert for Mark Andrews? I am not sure which. Keeping Goedert would mean no second guessing matchups each week between Ertz and Andrews and an Ertz-out Goedert might be better than Mark Andrews. Also Mark Andrews did most of his damage in second half and the Ravens Miami game was such a blow-out, the second half of that game is probably not a barometer for how Ravens will normally play. So I am leaning to keeping Goedert but it is tempting since we can start a TE in flex in the league. Advice?
  3. I am wondering also. For week 1 it was dated 9-4. I wonder if it will start coming out on Wednesday's after waivers, in many leagues, have cleared.
  4. No talk after game 1? He started. He is in a good situation - bad team that will start him and will be trailing games. He might get a fair amount of garbage yards and TDs. HE has a fair path be a top-30 fantasy WR Maybe even better. 1000+ yards and 8+ TDs is not out of the question the way the season will go for his team.
  5. He started with a 13 yard run. Since then the average is around 2.5 yards since. Jaguars have a good defense.
  6. Thanks for confirming. To be 0 I figured he was out for some reason.
  7. Is something wrong with Tyler Boyd in week 1? I find no news on him but on my team, on, he is projected at 0 points this week.
  8. Probably a toss-up: I just think Jones has more injury risk and might slow down but JuJu also has new situation being the team's clear #1.
  9. I rank Smith-Schuster higher because of age, point in career but there is risk with how defenses will treat him without Brown.
  10. If you feel comfortable with Melvin Gordon playing, you could trade David Johnson to increase WR and TE or something.
  11. Spent $51 out of $300 season budget on adding Keesean Johnson ($25), Preston Williams ($17) and Damion Willis ($9) in a 12 team, HPR, dynasty league. I started to bid more on each but luckily I did not because no one else bid on any of them. From what I can see of them, especially Keesean Johnson, they have decent chances of being top WR in future and all three could do something in their rookie seasons. Wasted budget dollars?
  12. I am not so sure McCoy is active for every game, especially to start the season. Damien Williams is the starter. Darrell Williams plays special teams. I assume Thompson will. Sherman plays special teams and is the fullback. Without considering McCoy, that is 4 running backs to be active. To add McCoy would mean five being active. Will the Chiefs keep 5 active every game? If not, assuming McCoy will not play special teams, and Sherman will be active every game, that would mean not activating one of the other two, which would mean a loss on special teams. Will Chiefs do that?
  13. McCoy is not a starter quality player anymore.
  14. Start and stop ability looks exactly as Barry Sanders did it.