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  1. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Outlook

    I saw that earlier. It is still in Hopkins news after the newest which states the Texans believe he will play. Rotoworld took it down for the overall NFL news feed though. Anyone know why it was shown in the NFL feed then taken down?
  2. Big championship lineup decisions

    Digs, Juju Schuster, and D Williams http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738768-flex-12ppr-for-championship-game/
  3. QB: Mayfield (Goff and WInston) RB: Barkley, and D Williams WR: Hopkins, and Cooper TE: Engram (have Burton too) Which for Flex: Robert Woods, R Anderson, P Barber, M Breida, or Doug Baldwin? Also, any changes to main WRs or RBs?
  4. Championship Rosters

    In Championship of all five leagues: 1) 12 HPR - dynasty QB: Mayfield (have Winston and Goff) RB: Barkley and Damein Williams (have Hunt, Ware and Barber and Penny, Freeman and Foreman ) WR: Hopkins, Cooper, and Woods (flex) TE: Cook (have Burton and Engram) K: Fairbairn D: Jaguars Vs: QB: Foles RB: Mixon and Mack WR: Brown, Diggs and Hill TE Kelce, K: Zuerlein and D: Grenn Bay 2) 10 team nonPPR QB: Mayfield RB: Mack, Gordon, and Howard (have J Williams) WR: Cooper, Cooks, and Hilton TE: J Samuels K: Fairbairn D: Cowboys VS. QB: Mahomes, RB: Kamara, Mixon and Drake, WR: Adams, Jeffery, and Westbrook TE: Cook, K: Vinatieri, D: Patriots 3) PPR, highscoring bonus format QB: Roethlisberger RB: Kamara, and Lindsay (jave Howard Cohen) WR: Landry, Hilton and R Anderson (have Fitzgerald and Allen) TE: Burton K: Fairbairn D: Cowboys Vs QB: Brady, RB: McCaffery, and Gordon WR: Brown, Thomas, and Foster TE: J Samuels K: Zuerlein D: Browns 4) 2nd place in overall scoring, no matches, behind 98 points with 2 more games. QB: Prescott RB: Kamara, Lindsay and Damien Williams (lost Hunt, have McGuire and Ware) WR: Foster, Sutton (have Beckham, and Godwin) TE: Ertz and Goedert K: Vinatieri D: Broncos 5) PPR 12 teams QB: Wilson (have Stafford) RB: McCaffrey, Coleman, J Samuels (have Drake and Damien Williams) WR: Diggs and Foster (have Beckham) TE: Burton K: Lutz D: Broncos vs QB: Mahomes, RB: Gurley and Henry, WR: Thielen, Golladay and Pettis, TE Kelce, K Elliot, D Titans
  5. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Perhaps he is tougher than most players and playing when most players would not.
  6. T.Y. Hilton 2018 Outlook

    I am worried also. My lineup in playoffs is good. Wondering if I should go with DJ Moore for floor in case Hilton leaves game.
  7. Where would you place Hunt's value in a 12 team dynasty league. What should one expect to get for him if trying to trade him? Worth a 1st round pick in a rookie draft?
  8. Start Amari Cooper tonight??

    Hilton is probably better and more consistent normally but has injury risk and also could get pulled if Colts get ahead but has had two 100+ games in a row. Cooper might have a higher floor since Hilton is hurt and upside is about the same. Cooper might be safer. I am trying to decide between Breida and Cooper in flex for 1/2 PPR.
  9. Big trade help WHIR

    I value depth, so I would shy away from giving up so many players.
  10. For flex position: Cooper at home against Saints or Breida on road against Seahawks. With the Saints not able to stop receivers, being one of the worst passing defenses, and with the Saints likely concentrating on Elliot, I would think Cooper has about the same floor as Breida but has a much higher ceiling. I had no question to start Cooper but then I checked Fantasy Pros. Its compilation of advisers has Breida around 90% to 10% Cooper. That made me wonder if I am missing something.
  11. Winston, Mayfield or Dalton

    Hunt is on bye but I have Barkley starting. Roster: QB: Winston? RB: Barkley RB: Breida WR: Cooper (34 points in our scoring already) WR: Hopkins TE: Burton (2.80 already) Flex: Barber (likely) or Jared Cook or Engram K: Badgley D: Jaguars Opponent also has byes: QB: L Jackson RB: Cook RB: White WR: Beckham WR: Coutee TE: Ertz Flex: Gordon K: cosby D: Chargers My team is favored but his has potential to outscore mine. My team is favored by 20 points in projected scoring, which is about as many points as a good QB scores in our system. That is why a negative score by an early benching of Winston would be so costly and why I am thinking the safer play would be better.
  12. I am in must win game as far as getting a first round bye in league playoffs. Goff, my normal starting QB, is on bye. It is a dynasty league. Many fantasy sites cite Winston, against Forty Niners, as one of the top QB prospects for this week. My concern is his floor. If he started the game with 2 early interceptions, the crazy coach might bench him, so he would have no chance to redeem his fantasy points and end with possibly negative points. Mayfield is playing against a weak pass offense but that team has his old coach who knows the Browns plays and Mayfield's weaknesses. Dalton is probably the safest but he has had bad games and I will likely leave points on my bench starting him. Who to start?
  13. This really seems a coin flip. Engram has the better matchup as far as defense. Both seem to be used about the same. Coin flip or does one seem the better bet?
  14. Howard (very consistent, at home, good D keeping game in check for him to run) and Lewis (should be playing no matter if close game or blowout by NE whereas Mike Davis has chance of being little used if Rams jumped up as its offense can)