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  1. Link to league page? Money or free? When is draft?
  2. I was going to be in this league, now it doesn't exist and my team has disappeared from my espn team list. Think LM bailed.
  3. roster size, daily/weekly lineups? I'm interested just like to see that stuff before signing up. Thanks
  4. You seem to like being the all- knowing OZ. You know what's best for everyone. (Sarcasm, if you have not already figured that one out) You get all the power and make all the decisions and no one else matters. I'm so sure that everyone was so happy to that you get the first two draft picks. So convenient! You give Eichel and two throw aways for the top two picks (Hughes and Kakko as this is a dynasty league) plus Markstrom. Seems fair to me!!! (Sarcasm again.) But then again no one to override you. Good luck with your league. I am sure you will be looking for a couple more replacement owners very soon.
  5. Don't join this league. LM has it rigged. LM only decides on trade vetoes. No league vote. Right after I join, he makes and approves a very one sided trade. Then he gets pissed when I call him on it and tells me to leave. Stay far away.
  6. I'll take Detroit vipers. gbulfa@comcast.net