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  1. Here, starting him at TE. If he doesn't score in the first half he should get some points in garbage time when the falcons blow through the lions.
  2. Yes I would do it, Hilton is handicapped ATM without luck, in the long run Pryor and mixon will give you better value. Run to the bank.
  3. Nope, diggs is way to reliant on Bradford. Laundry should be force feed with cutler at QB
  4. 12 team ppr start 2 RB's Currently sitting on Elliot/mixon/Blount/J.Richardson Do I pull the trigger and make the trade or roll the dice for the next few weeks and see what mixon's performance looks like. It looks like my gamble on Blount goal line TD's was terrible.
  5. Only other option is cam. I'm alittle torn ATM but thanks!
  6. Rivers startable this week? Anyone have some data on how well he plays against KC?
  7. Go for it, I would give McCoy/Fitzgerald all day for ODB/forte
  8. Add me to the group 12 team PPR, put him in my flex. Roll the dice
  9. Hit the nail on the head with your choices
  10. Disclaimer I have mixon. that being said I say hold put. It's week 2 and many think mixon is a sell low ATM, with cinc's move to fire the Cordinator means there will be a change. His carries will increase we all know it and he's a stud. Mixon value will only increase. If your set on trading wait tell he has his break out game then sell sell sell. You'll get more for him.
  11. Even with Evans I think your on top with hunt, hunts value will only increase if his production stays the same or gets better. I said hold out and wait. You will get a better offer, gurley is a huge downgrade.