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  1. Looking for 2 people to jump in on our league, going to be a bit of a transition period as it is an existing 10 team league with 2 keepers moving to a 12 team league Need 2 experienced managers who can start up a new team, will get draft priority but most likely not going to end up with a projected first rounder. Will need to be able to manage Entry will either be free or discounted ($50 is current buy in) You will be getting early round draft priorities and there will be plenty of good players available Dramatic personalities preferred as the group chats get hectic
  2. Need help to shut my league up

    Our FA list is so deep theres about 15 decent guys just sitting there doing nothing, streaming spots are more valuable than a fringe top 100 player when youre talking a 10 team league
  3. Is this veto worthy? WHIR

    That doesnt mean a thing, they could be sour that they wanted the player or its players all close to them that are pissed because they improved their team. The trade is close enough that its just a bad trade, not veto worthy at all.. Why did you come on here and ask and every single reply said not to veto and you did anyway, waste of time. And you admitted you did it to improve your chances and claimed collusion even though you believed it wasnt.
  4. Is this veto worthy? WHIR

    Do what you want But you cant be veto'ing trades you dont agree with because you want to help yourself win unless you want to watch every member of your league walk out the door.. Tell them im expanding my league next year ill be happy to have more people
  5. Kawhi Leonard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    After 44 pages of nonsense can we just change the name to 'Kawhii Leonard 2018 Speculation Chat'?
  6. Is this veto worthy? WHIR

    Glad im not in you bum a** collusion corrupt league
  7. Need help to shut my league up

    dead fair for both sides i think, nothing to kick up a stink about anyway trade was between two playoff teams too not like a tanking team and the top guy
  8. Need help to shut my league up

    To be fair i took favors in the trade too to clear a roster spot for him but dropped him instantly for Bogdonavic
  9. People whinging over a trade My team are beasts with 3s and i had klay so could afford to move him as he gives me stuff all assists and steals which are two of my competing categories I aim to win FG% FT% 3pm assists steals and TO every week in 9 CAT.. and i pretty much do Traded TJ warren (FT% killer on downtrend) and Klay for Vucevic and cleared space as our waiver is DEEP being only a 10 teamer couple guys are up in arms thinking i gave klay to a guy to help him win for nothing in return.. Saying Vooch is trash -.-
  10. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Drafts are lost in the first rounds (bad picks) but not won with good ones Theyre won with good picks in the middle, but not lost final rounds are for your hopes and dreams
  11. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    People that dont frequent these forums are still sleeping on him
  12. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    Make sure youre real quiet about this in your league chats so you can draft him late again and get away with robbery
  13. It was conley and klay initially but conley is out now so basically just klay
  14. I traded porzingis ages ago.. Im just here to feel better about myself for once
  15. 3 keepers, 9 cat standard H2H What say we?