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  1. I sure hope so. Thus far he has been a wasted pick.
  2. Thank you all for the input. Much appreciated. This league has been around for over ten years. There have been maybe one or two trades vetoed that I can recall.
  3. It's a 10 team, but with a big bench. So there wasn't much on the wire. Appreciate your input.
  4. Appreciate the input guys. As to their relationship, they are brothers in law. I can't recall any history of odd trades between them in the past.
  5. Team Ditka: QB - Rivers, Garoppolo WR - JuJu, Digs, J.Gordon, Gallup, Metcalf, AJ Green (IR) RB - McCaffrey, Ingram, Ekeler, Mixon, Howard TE - Walker Team FNAH: QB - Brissett, Cousins WR - Julio, Cooks, Agholor, Jackson, Gabriel, Hill (IR) RB - Zeke, Sony, Breida, Hyde, AP TE - Davis, Cook
  6. Generally, I'm of the opinion that you don't veto a trade unless it's really questionable. This one is on the line for me, but I may be biased. Any opinions would be appreciated. Team Ditka (2-2) gives up: Ekeler, JuJu, Garoppolo Team FNAH (0-4) gives up: Zeke, Brandin Cooks
  7. Absolutely. I hate TNF for fantasy purposes. If it's a choice, I try to avoid it. But I won't bench on of my best players because of it. It's usually a flex or QB type decision for me.
  8. Chargers get a 3rd round compensatory if he walks away in free agency. What team is going to give up a higher pick and pay that contract? He won't be traded.
  9. Gordon isn't getting traded. If he is on the team and active (playing, not playing, RBBC, whatever) and walks away in free agency, Chargers will get a third round compensatory pick. So any team that wants to trade for him will have to offer more than that, and pay the big contract he wants. It's not happening.
  10. For the sake of comparison, I'm starting him over Marvin Jones, Will Fuller and Tyrell Williams.
  11. I share the same concerns - short week, road team on TNF, injuries etc... For the sake of comparison, I'm likely rolling with Kyler.
  12. This is my (perhaps optimistic) thinking as well. They Steelers aren't a team that trades terribly often. Giving up their first rounder is out of the ordinary. Shore up the defense and establish a strong running game to help out the young QB. It's how they started off with Ben anyway.
  13. I think the talent is still there. He just hasn't really gotten the chance to get rolling yet. And as previous posters have pointed out, his schedule is pretty brutal to start off.
  14. They might want to think about double covering Sammy Watkins, given his week 1 performance.
  15. I am just as concerned if their response to being down is to give Ito touches instead of Freeman.