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  1. I would honestly go with Williams. Benching Gurley seems crazy but everything is pointing to him being less than 100%. I also don’t see the Rams needing to use him to win that game.
  2. Lamar is probably the safer option - I think his floor is higher but I can’t really see him putting up huge numbers. Cousins, on the other hand, could have a complete dud but he’s also produced QB1 numbers several times this year. Ultimately, I would probably go with Cousins because of the upside.
  3. Ouch, that’s a tough one. Normally it’s Brees but he’s been a complete disappointment the last 3 weeks. I would roll with Watson - I don’t think his game will be a low scoring affair and he will have to throw the ball.
  4. I’m going to go against the grain a bit and say DJ and Barber. It’s just don’t trust Sony and it’s hard for me to see C.J. coming straight in and being an every down back - maybe I’m wrong.
  5. Samuels, for sure - being able to start a RB in your TE slot is just OP.
  6. I’d roll with TY. The Rams will probably lead most of the game and that means poor game-script for Cooks.
  7. Williams and Johnson - pretty easy decision for me.
  8. Alshon or Anderson, for sure. I’d lean slightly towards Alshon.
  9. With Gordon possibly being banged up and playing against a great defense, I’d go with Mixon.
  10. I’m in a similar situation. Of the people you listed, I’m not sure I would start any over Fournette - maybe Landry, if anyone.
  11. I would go Williams, for sure. Then I’d lean slightly toward Cooks over McGuire.
  12. Last week of the season and I’m in 1st (non head-to-head) with a pretty decent lead. All I need to do is not have a complete collapse. Blue, Barber, Fournette and Hogan. Fournette should be an easy choice but it’s hard to trust the Jags after last week. Barber should see plenty of work but going against a tough defense. Blue is intresting since Miller has been ruled out but Foreman could be activated. Hogan should see extra targets with Gordon out.
  13. I actually like the options you currently have at WR better than anything on the wire. If you have the bench spots, this is the time of year that I start hoarding defenses in preparation for the last few weeks. I've currently have 3, 1 for each week remaining.
  14. All 3 RBs listed are likely to share work. I would probably roll with Ware as I think he has the highest ceiling.