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  1. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Read above where your comment is, as there are many takes on Jones listed in the last several pages...and don't think about Ware (he's doubtful for tonight).
  2. Derek Carr 2018 Outlook

    Here are the pros and cons as I see them for Carr this week... Pros: he has played at a QB1 level the last 2 weeks (QB3 in Week 13, QB9 in Week 14). Pros: make it the last month and he was a QB1 in 3 of the past 4 weeks (QB12 in Week 11). Pros: he hasn't thrown an interception since Week 5. Pros: he's playing the Bengals. The Bengals have been one of the worst teams against the pass, and one of the worst defenses period. Pros: more on the Bengals - tied for 25th in sacks, tied for 19th in INT's, tied for 28th forced fumbles, 29th in passing yards allowed. Cons: while he hasn't thrown an interception since Week 5, he does have 5 lost fumbles since then. Cons: last 6 games vs Bengals, Brees & Mayfield did well. But Lamar Jackson, Case Keenum & Phillip Rivers had mediocre #'s. And Winston was bad. Cons: Carr gets 18.57 PPG at home. But just 12.63 PPG on the road. The game against the Bengals is on the road. ***with that said, Carr has had 2 of 6 road games under 10 points, while 3 of 7 home games were under 6 points. Cons: he's on the Raiders. In the Middle: with one glaring exception, Carr's stinkers have come against teams you would have expected him to have a stinker. He was held under 10 points in the following games: Rams, Seahawks, at 49ers, Chargers, at Ravens. The 49ers game was a complete team debacle. My advice for right now is...keep debating. If you have Mahomes or Rivers, obviously you'd be starting them over Carr. But if you have other players going on TNF tonight, see how they do and then decide if you need to take a safe or Hail Mary approach at QB.
  3. Derek Carr 2018 Outlook

    I am in your situation in a 2QB league, with Winston as my second quarterback. I'm going to do a deeper dive into the numbers right now, to decide whether Carr would be a good option (on the surface, I think he might be viable).
  4. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    For those thinking of benching Ertz, look at the above stats this way. Discounting the Week 17 2017 game, as Ertz and other Eagles starters were rested early on, there have been 7 full games in which Foles was the QB for Ertz. You would have been very happy to have Ertz in your starting lineup in 5 of those 7 games. Ertz is one of the top 2 TE's in football this season. Would we prefer Wentz in there? Obviously. But don't overthink this by benching Ertz.
  5. 2009 Ronnie Brown Season Outlook

    Kind of like this thread! --Billy Volek Week 13 2004: 426 pass yards - 24 rush yards - 4 pass TD's - 0 INT Week 14 2004: 492 pass yards - 1 rush yard - 4 pass TD's - 1 INT - 1 rush TD (and then anyone who had the nerve to now start him got killed in Week 15, as he had negative points) --Drew Bennett Week 13 2004: 12 catches - 233 receiving yards - 3 TD's Week 14 2004: 13 catches - 160 receiving yards - 2 TD's (and like Volek, a total dud in Week 15)
  6. Nick Foles 2018

    I used Foles in Week 16 against the Raiders for the Finals as well. I played him instead of Cousins, because the Redskins had a completely beat-up offensive line and I thought Cousins would struggle against Denver's defense. Whereas Foles had an "easy" matchup against the Raiders. The decision very nearly cost me the championship...Foles had a late turnover that turned a lead into a deficit. I got lucky that Carr turned the ball right back over, and with under 30 seconds or so left, my kicker Elliott got a 48-yard FG to win the game for Eagles and the championship for me. This isn't said as a CSB moment; rather, the point is that nobody should use Foles over a better overall QB, even if they think he has a good matchup (and really, he doesn't have any good matchups the rest of the way, so even more reason to stay away).
  7. 2009 Ronnie Brown Season Outlook

    I think the QB was Billy Volek...and the WR, was it Drew Bennett? I'll check after lunch.
  8. Nick Foles 2018

    Coming from someone who picked him up late last year for the stretch run and remembers his play well, I thought for a few moments about picking him up in my 2QB league, but then decided against it. The Eagles are a banged up team and they are not playing well. Playing on the road against a hungry Rams team could get ugly. With Aqib Talib back for the Rams, their pass defense is vastly improved. In fact, in the 5 games Talib has started, opposing QB's have 4 TD's to 8 interceptions (and none with huge yardage either, only 1 of 5 starters went above 250 passing yards - Carr with 303). I'd stay away from Foles. His matchup next week is no picnic either (vs. Houston).
  9. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    Here is the complete history for Ertz when Foles starts for the Eagles... Week 2 2018: 13 targets - 11 catches - 94 yards Week 1 2018: 10 targets - 5 catches - 48 yards Super Bowl: 9 targets - 7 catches - 67 yards - 1 TD NFC Championship: 8 targets - 8 catches - 93 yards NFC Divisional: 5 targets - 3 catches - 32 yards Week 17 2017: 2 targets - 2 catches - 24 yards (played briefly as Eagles rested starters) Week 16 2017: 14 targets - 9 catches - 81 yards Week 15 2017: 9 targets - 6 catches - 56 yards - 1 TD
  10. 2009 Ronnie Brown Season Outlook

    Thinking of the Brown game and comparing it to Henry's game, just got me looking for the best fantasy performances ever. Let me start and stop with this Week 14 classic...Chiefs at Broncos on 12/7/03 (so almost exactly 15 years ago). Let's say you went with a KC triple stack again against your opponent, of QB Trent Green, RB Priest Holmes (this is during his 27 TD season) and WR/KR/PR Dante Hall (whom sage vets will recall the 4 return TD's he had this season). --Green: 397 pass yards - 1 pass TD - 1 rush TD --Holmes: 44 rushing yards - 7 catches - 33 receiving yards - 2 rush TD's --Hall: 124 receiving yards - 11 catches - 15 rushing yards - 157 kick return yards So you might think that the person who used that KC triple stack was all set. But you'd be wrong...if his opponent had someone else playing in that very game. Denver RB Clinton Portis put up this performance... --Portis: 218 rushing yards - 36 receiving yards - 2 catches - 5 rushing TD's
  11. 2009 Ronnie Brown Season Outlook

    --9/21/08 17 carries 113 rushing yards 4 rushing TD's 1 catch 9 receiving yards 1 for 1 passing 19 passing yards 1 passing TD An amazing game...but even with the extra touchdown, he still doesn't match what Derrick Henry did last week
  12. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    I think I know your issue...Detroit got a Pick 6 defensive TD against Arizona, so that's why it shows 11 points against the Arizona defense. Unfortunately, you lost.
  13. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Week 8 it indeed an important week to note for Jones. That was the first game out of the bye for Green Bay, and there definitely has been an increase in usage for Jones since then. I tracked the most RB points since Week 8, for all guys with 70 or more points since then (note this is with a .25 PPR format). **Week 8 through Week 14** --CMC: 22.29 PPG (156 points in 7 games) --Zeke: 19.33 PPG (116 points in 6 games) --Saquan: 18.53 PPG (111.2 points in 6 games) --Conner: 16.57 PPG (99.4 points in 6 games) --Gurley: 16.10 PPG (96.6 points in 6 games) --Lindsay: 15.42 PPG (92.5 points in 6 games) --Chubb: 15.40 PPG (92.4 points in 6 games) --Kamara: 15.04 PPG (105.3 points in 7 games) --Aaron Jones: 14.20 PPG (99.4 points in 7 games) --D.Henry: 13.72 PPG (82.3 points in 6 games) --Mixon: 13.23 PPG (79.4 points in 6 games) --L.Miller: 11.87 PPG (71.2 points in 6 games) --Cohen: 11.01 PPG (77.1 points in 7 games)
  14. I have to agree with @nonstopfan. As someone who lives right outside of NYC (a few minutes from the Jets stadium actually) and a Jets fan...I can tell you that is not how the NY sports media works They'd be blaming him...