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  1. James White is out for the Patriots today, so one less mouth to feed for the Pats...
  2. When you start the TEN defense, watch them get a stop right away, and then watch the punt team fumble a punt, leading to an easy TD against your defense, you get the feeling this might be a night you're gonna have to drink to quell the pain.
  3. Oof, that is a rough one for sure. Out of curiosity, can you check your draft results to see how many kickers were already drafted before Vinatieri, as well as the league size in question?
  4. Looking at things in a reverse manner, for those who prefer not to invest any draft capital in a kicker, I took a look at how the final couple of kickers (9th and 10th) drafted in my 10-team league have done. CBS no longer has the draft results saved for 2006--2009, and since 2017 we've drafted via auction. So here's 2010--2016: The owners who waited until the end and were either last or second-to-last to draft a kicker, by and large didn't draft a solid kicker. Just 1 of 14 players here ended up as a Top 5 kicker (Bryant at #3 in 2012). Obviously these owners didn't have to hold onto their weak kickers all season long. They could cut ties and try to pick someone better up. As discussed, even good kickers often get cut during their bye week. So it is by no means the end of the world to start the season off with a bad kicker. But with that said, waiting until the very end to take a kicker, usually has left owners here off to a bad start, at a starting position. This is another reason as to why I'd be interested in more real-life data from the drafts of other owners (as mentioned in the initial post of this thread). I am not saying my league is representative of all fantasy football leagues, and I'm curious as to how much of a difference (if any) kickers have made within your own leagues, with actual data/draft results where possible.
  5. Agreed. The standard I've always seen is that 1.) you can't pick up players from a game in progress and 2.) once a player's game has started, he is locked for the week.
  6. *Hopefully* the difference this week, will be that many people figured the 49ers would be mediocre, but they aren't. Week 1 is always full of surprises. Here in Week 3, we've already seen that the Giants look terrible in 2019. I still have my fingers crossed nonetheless...
  7. I agree. I think that the fantasy "experts" make it sound as if it's the worst idea ever to pick a kicker before the last two rounds. But the bust rate of ANY player late in a draft is high. So if you can lock up someone you *think* will be one of the best kickers in, let's say the third or fourth-last round, you potentially will be a leg up on everyone in your league, at one of the positions that are in our starting lineups. So based on who is left available to you, some years it is worth drafting that way.
  8. Some of the kickers are predictable... Now to be sure, there are some off years here (2 for Gostkowski with one due to injury, and 2 for Crosby up until 2014). And in a 10/12 team league, some of the years don't rank them in the upper-half of kickers IF everyone had a top 10 or top 12 kicker (though we know that isn't going to be the case). Obviously having top position players is more important than having a top kicker. I don't think anyone is arguing otherwise. And agreed that the amount of predictable guys at K is usually rare. But there are some out there over the years. Overall, I think if one can put some thought into trying to identify a good kicking option and targeting that player (either via draft or via the WW if that player is dropped during a bye), it can potentially help a team. If that gets an owner even one extra win in a season, that could make a huge difference in their season. And some seasons it may not even get an owner that extra win. But I prefer trying.
  9. What I can speak to from my experience here, is that I almost always have at least one burner spot to play around with. For example, in the league going on since 2006 that I mentioned, I had either the 2nd or 3rd-best team in league history in 2017. And I still had a burner spot in play. My take is that if you have a burner spot, using on a second kicker (to hold your good kicker during a bye) or a second defense, can be worth it.
  10. I'm talking about them saying kickers aren't important in fantasy
  11. I have not advocated spending "decent draft capital" on kickers. I do think it can be worth taking a kicker before the last couple of rounds though...especially the more rounds in a draft (larger roster size) that there are.
  12. To start out, that's not what I stated whatsoever. I listed out the history in my league - and then specifically asked for the history from other people's leagues. I am not drawing a conclusion from my league alone.
  13. Some people absolutely think kickers aren't important. Trust me, I've seen plenty of comments saying that over the years. As for which kicker is going to have a good year, the top kickers often are consistently amongst the top kickers.
  14. Well, I actually am in an IDP league that utilizes all three levels of defense. Special teams TD's & fumble recoveries are part of defensive scoring of my leagues. Thought that was the case with most leagues, but perhaps not. As for offensive line, let's be realistic now Offense, defense and the kicking game are all the three main units of a football team that can score points. I personally like that they're all reflected in fantasy. Sometimes an NFL team loses because the opposing offense went off. Sometimes an NFL team, loses because an opposing defense was dominant. And sometimes an NFL team loses because the opposing kicker was on fire. I'm fine with fantasy reflecting all of those possible outcomes.
  15. Wow, that's something else. Do kickers still mostly wait until later rounds to be drafted with a format like that?