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  1. Posted this in the new thread with no response so I’m trying here.. flex spot - 1/2pt PPR. Start E. Sanders or AP?
  2. Flex help - 1/2pt PPR. Start E. Sanders at NYJ or A.P. at NO?
  3. I think I’d prefer Thompson especially with Gordon coming in and Edelman back soon. If Gordon and Brady click, Hogan is odd man out if you ask me.
  4. Traded David Johnson for AJ Green. 1/2 point PPR league. RBs are now Melvin Gordon, AP, and Gio. WRs are now A. Cooper, E. Sanders, Jones Jr., Green, and Corey Davis. Good move? Bad move? I feel like AJ will out score DJ the rest of the way. At least I hope so.
  5. Have any David Johnson owners traded him away? If so, what kind of return did you get? I’m a DJ owner.. just looking for some feedback.
  6. I think I’m with Rush2112.. he’ll get plenty of touches over the next few weeks and for me I’d probably have him in over Ajayi especially if Sproles comes back this week.
  7. Give: David Johnson Get: Odell Beckham thoughts? 1/2 pt PPR league. Other RBs are Melvin Gordon and A.P. and other WRs are A. Cooper, E. Sanders, Marvin Jones Jr and Corey Davis.