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  1. Amari Cooper 2018 Outlook

    Just traded for him. Needed a WR2 with a solid floor + upside to pair next to juju
  2. Chubb for Hunt

    I would take Hunt. He's on a much better offense and is a proven commodity. Don't get me wrong Chubb is a stud, but I think if everything goes right Chubb will be a low RB1 in the future, whereas Hunt is already and will continue to be treated and viewed as a forsure RB1.
  3. Rate this Trade WHIR

    I got him!! So I guess you're high on Cooper? The guy was starting Jalen Richards and Austin Eckler as his RBs.
  4. Hello guys!! 7-3 10 team PPR My RBs: Barkley, CMC, Connor, Chubb, Mack, Kerryon My WRs: Juju, Golladay, MVS, John Brown Trade: I give Kerryon for Amari Cooper. My reasoning: I tried offering Kerryon + Golladay for players like Keenan or Diggs, but no dice. I offered Kerryon straight up Amari and although I know Kerry on has more value I don't see myself EVER plugging in Kerryon. I like Golladay, but he seems a bit inconsistent. I understand Dak's limits but all I'm really hoping from Amari is a floor of 10 + possibility of a TD. I am still trying to sell Chubb/Mack + Golladay for a WR1.
  5. Hello guys I am currently 7-3 in my main 2 QB PPR league. Here is my squad QB: Cam, Goff, Fitzmagic RB: Barkley, CMC, Connor, Chubb, Mack, Kerryon WR: Juju, Golladay, MVS, John Brown TE: Uzomah K: Butker Def: LAC, NE (holding for playoffs) I'm thinking about trading either Chubb or Kerryon for a WR or TE. I'm thinking about offering Chubb + Golladay for like Devante Adams or Julio. Maybe offer Chubb for Kelce.
  6. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I never thought once Bell was coming back the second he missed week 1. It just never made sense. I will admit I did try to sell Connor before week 1 cause I didn’t think he’d be a top 5 RB. I love being wrong.
  7. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    I know this is a dez thread, but there’s no way Bell comes back after this
  8. League Veto Issue-- WHIR

    I was thinking about switching Golladay for Juju as that would probably have more name value. But now I wanna destroy these guys with my players
  9. League Veto Issue-- WHIR

    I offered the same exact trade. The owner was starved at Rb as well ( he drafted Cook) and the same trade got rejected.
  10. Hey guys! my RBs: Connor, CMC, Barkley, Mack, JHoward, Kerryon, Chubb (I’m stacked at RB due to my RB draft strat plus roto hype) my WRs: Juju, John Brown, Golladay, Godwin Is this a fair offer for Julio Jones? Mack + Juju would you even do it with my team?
  11. Travis Kelce 2018 Outlook

    Idk if it's just the Chargers, but last year when I owned Kelce he only got 1 point against the Chargers. I think he'll be fine.
  12. Would you trade...

    Upside for Coleman, I think Watkins is great in redraft just not dynasty.
  13. Just drafted rate and I WHIR

    Great team, but not a fan of D Thomas. I'd probably flex Shepard, Carson , or Freeman over him.
  14. QB - Watson RB - Dalvin Cook RB - Mixon WR- OBJ WR- Landry TE- Graham Flex - Allen Robinson Bench: RB - Marlon Mack RB - Crowell RB - Jamal Williams WR - Anthony Miller WR - Keelan Cole WR - Kenny Golladay