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  1. Who do you like better ROS Davante Adams or Mike Evans? I know GB has had a tough schedule but, their coach is scaring me. I got offered a trade for Evans for my Adams. Also, I have Arod at QB.
  2. I got offered this trade and I need WR 2 help especially after AB went to NE. QB (1) Rodgers, Murray RB (2) Chubb, Cook, White, Henderson, Singletary, Freeman WR (3) Adams, Gordon, Samuel, Pettis, Coutee, Hardman, Renfrow, McLaurin TE Howard FL Jacobs
  3. Yup, one of the factors I'm leaning towards Mahomes
  4. Leaning towards starting Mahomes @ LAC over Wilson @ DEN. Who would u start?
  5. Thanks for ur help on mine. I'd trade one of ur RB's for a WR upgrade.
  6. I had the sixth pick and I'm pretty ecstatic w the team. QB - R. Wilson RB - M. Gordon RB - J. Howard WR - A. Brown WR - S. Diggs WR - J. Landry TE - E. Engram FL - R. Freeman BN P. Mahomes R. Burkhead A. Morris A. Jones A. Ekeler A. Jeffrey R. Anderson DJ Moore D. Westbrook D. Njoku
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have Davis in as of now but, sadly I think his and Westbrook's floor is the same as JG's. I kind of want to start Gordon.
  8. My bad, please delete. I kept getting error msgs when posting topic
  9. I gave up Jordy and Latavius for Zeke. I traded Jordy/Latavius to the McKinon owner. Also, we are both 6-4 tied with 1 other team for first. I may not even be able to use Zeke (also plays SEA wk16) but, I felt it was worth the lotto ticket for a possible championship win. Good trade?
  10. I have a big lead right now due to Cooper's monster game. Who do I flex? Darkwa vs. SEA or Martavis vs. CIN. I have Darkwa in right now and both have terrible matchups. Bryant may get the squeaky wheel treatment though. Get burned by Bryant again or start Darkwa?